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With the contest to win the Omniscient Owl running, the number of users, questions and answers is greatly increased. But the quality of the answers continues to decline steadily 'Why?' In an effort to be the first to answer a question, a large number of users diminished the goodness of their answers, and this only worsened the prestige and credibility of the site. It is excellent to want to win the prize but not for that reason it should be forgotten that the main thing about the site is to give true and credible answers, not just any thing to get by.
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Have a good time reading that entry on the site and try how the contest is deteriorating the site in an effort to ask and answer things that sometimes even make no sense. But my question is about that currently many users (follow-up done by myself) are interested in responding quickly with a copy and paste that is not even organized and that lacks attractive and useful content for a user. My question is about how the answers deteriorated, not how the contest shrinks the entire site. It is even a question anchored to the other question in question. But if later the question needs to be removed I will do it with pleasure :)

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At least in my case I feel im better now, I mean just need look back my first answers and recents. The last contest about ''How make good QA'' give me the tool/chance to give better QA, also I can edit old answers too. Maybe need be better, but to me is a start.
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