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Sometimes I got downvotes on answers or questions because I saw the decrease of the points but I dont know where I got that downvote and Its frustrating because I really want to make content with the best quality possible , and if I dont know where I got downvotes I cant improve my question or answer.

Think it like in any job that someone tells that you are doing it wrong but they dont tell you why or how to improve , without that info the downvote is useless.

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Hey all,

today I've added a new section on the user profile that shows the recent history for each of the users. This includes what they have posted, what badges they have obtained and which of their questions/answers have been voted up or down (in other words, where they received points) recently - last 7 days.

On your own profile, you will also see additional information, like what questions and answers you voted up, what posts you have edited or what posts you have moderated.

Please feel free to take a look at let us know if you see any issues.


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Sebastian, what means the -3 over there? Means that I got 3 downvotes on it? It appears to be a question with a final result of 1 downvote if you click on it. So it means that I got 2 upvotes and 4 downvotes?
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No, this indicates the number of points lost. One downvote on question = -3 points.
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Yes, I have the same problem in the website. I want to know where I got a downvote in order to improve the content published in this website.
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