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I'm happy to announce that we have chosen the new official banner of TibiaQA!

Kudos to Lupus Aurelius for the amazing design! Also congrats on winning the Omniscient Owl (we will collect the details to send your prize after the main contest results are announced)

And the new banner is....

Thanks everyone for the amazing contest entries! The main contest results will be announced during the weekend.

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Congratulations, without a doubt the best design.

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Thank you. It was a pleasure, and it is an honour. Also, thank you very much to the users of the fansite for the nice comments, the feedback, and all the good vibes.

Keep the good work, TibiaQA.
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All of your entries made me and Ellotris discuss about which one we liked more, hahaha! Thanks a lot for the effort that you have put in this contest!
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Ahah nice!, love when that happens xD . Can´t wait to see how it looks like once added in the official Tibia's website.
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It's on the official website already :) You may need to hard-refresh the page to see it.
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YES! just pressed up Ctrl+F5 and it is there!, lol I have been checking the site like a freak these days just to realize I needed to refresh my cache. There's so much harmony between the colors of the banner, the website colours and the fansite item (predominantly the range of browns). I really enjoyed how it looks now.  

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Deserved , congratulations
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Very nice design indeed. Congratulations!!!
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Well done Lupus, master work!
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Great choice, new banner looks stunning on the official Tibia website. I really like it! :)
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Thank you, Miss. Hope life treats you well. <3
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