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The Star Contributor contest has been finished and we have counted all the votes.

A total of 247 votes were cast on the questions and answers posted during the contest period. Out of them, 30 were identified as a cheating attempt and therefore were not taken into consideration in the final results. This gives us 217 valid votes.

The winners are...

  1. Fresh Prince with 43 net votes (+43/-0)
    Golden trophy of excellence + Badge of glory + Rune Emblem of choice
  2. Maleigihas with 29 net votes (+31/-2)
    Silver trophy of excellence + Rune Emblem of choice
  3. Zupakode with 23 net votes (+28/-5)
    Bronze trophy of excellence + Rune Emblem of choice

Thanks to everyone for participating and congrats! The winners will be contacted via e-mail to pick their rune emblem of choice.

Best regards
TibiaQA.com team

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Awesome! :) Thank you everyone who participated on the contest!

The emails will be send to us soon?
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They have just been sent
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Congrats dude you deserve it!
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Thanks, you too deserved!
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Gratz and thanks to all :)
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" I already know all three winners (If don't believe, just ask private. I am not a Prophet but I know). I know how it sounds but I had to say it."

@Male, When you saw who would win, did you see yourself? XD
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