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can the same person get multiple owls?

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Technically, yes.

  • You can get one once you get 4000 points in Tibia QA.
  • You can also get one after working for one year in the staff of Tibia QA.
  • And you can maybe win a Owl in a separate contest promoted by TibiaQA as well, but I don't know if Ellotris will make the Owls a common item for contests. It really depends.
  • And last, you can buy multiple Omniscient Owls while playing Tibia and hold as many as you can in your possession... You gonna need money and people willing to sell our good looking fansite item :)
(If I am mistaken, @Ellotris Guardian will correct me here)
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Exactly correct :)
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Touché rsrsrs
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it's pretty hard imo. I guess the contest is the best option here
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