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Hello Tibians!

TibiaQA.com is happy to announce the Quick Tour Design contest! The goal of this contest is to help users (especially new users) easily learn what TibiaQA is and how is it different from regular discussion forums.

Contest rules

  1. The deadline for submissions is 1. February 2020, 23:59 CET
  2. Players participate by posting an answer containing the Quick Tour in this topic
  3. The Quick Tour is supposed to easily introduce new users into the TibiaQA world and should follow the guidelines listed below
  4. The Quick Tour can take absolutely any form - they can be a bullet-list, an essay, an infographic, a poster, a GIF, a video, or a combination of various styles
  5. The whole entry needs to be in the English language
  6. There's no limit on the submissions from a single user
  7. TibiaQA.com team cannot participate in the contest

Quick Tour guidelines

The following points will be taken into consideration when scoring the entries. Most of the necessary information that you can include in the Quick Tour can be found in our Help Center

  • The Quick Tour should be straightforward enough so that users who do not speak English natively can understand it
  • The Quick Tour should be concise - it should take no more than 2 minutes to process everything for the average user
  • The Quick Tour should present the information in a creative way that will encourage users to go through and learn from it
  • The Quick Tour should touch on the following aspects at the minimum (but it may be more than that)
    • TibiaQA is not a regular forum
      • No chit-chat, no discussions - just questions, and answers
      • Well-formulated questions are important since they will likely be read by thousands of other users
      • Not all question types are well suited for TibiaQA
    • The importance of voting
      • Votes indicate usefulness/correctness of the posts
      • Up-votes move answers up so better answers are displayed first
      • Votes increase user reputation points what in consequence unlocks more moderation privileges for them


  1. Golden Trophy of Excellence + Omniscient Owl + Blue Sphere + 60 TibiaQA reputation points
  2. Silver Trophy of Excellence + Hero's Medal + Yellow Rose + 30 TibiaQA reputation points
  3. Bronze Trophy of Excellence + Badge of Glory + Unicorn Figurine + 15 TibiaQA reputation points

Selecting top entries

  • The TibiaQA.com team will pre-select top 5 entries and forward those entries to CMs and Fansite admins
  • CM and fansite admin votes will determine the top 3 that will be rewarded
  • The final results are expected to be announced on 9. February 2020

Disclaimer: By participating in this contest, you agree that your entries can be used in any way by TibiaQA.com team to enhance the website, no matter if your contest entry wins or not.

Any questions related to the contest can be posted as a comment to this post. Please reserve the answers for contest entries. If you have more general questions about TibiaQA mechanics, you can also post them as a separate question on Meta.

We are looking forward to creative ideas and awesome entries!
The TibiaQA.com team

closed with the note: The time to submit contest entries is over! Please make sure to read the accepted answer for next steps.
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Can I make a poster using crayons or paints on a piece of paper or just graphics?
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@Tynusiiaa - yes. As mentioned in the contest rules it can be literally any form. I'd just recommend that you take a high-quality scan or photo of that hand-drawn poster if you decide to go with it :) Good luck!
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The prizes could be more even , maybe changing unicorn figure for the blue sphere , the first prize is already taking the owl. Im saying this because on some contest is almost impossible to win because there is graphic designers that participates on this contest just for taking the prizes. That people have a very big advantage from the rest.
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good way. maybe not sphere, but unicorn figure is worth too small than other prices. I know cipsoft gives you restrictions, but in my opinion the rewards are probably more balanced with each other.

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Here's my entry for the QuickTour Design I hope it's to your liking!

It all started as a regular presentation on power point but i wanted to make it a little more interactive while covering almost all the aspects that TibiaQA has on its help center.

Everything used to make the video, from the graphics to the background music is free for comercial use. No atribution needed.

The colors are the same RGB from the website to match your design concept. I tried as well adding some icons to make it more friendly for users that barely speak English.

Thank you in advance for the time you will take to watch the video!

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It's me again with another entry but this time a little more friendly to the people that only learnt English from in-game over the years.

I tried making a kinda of comic-ish infographic, using free for comercial use graphics, no attribution needed. Also worked with the colors from your website/logo. There are not that many long sentences cause i tried to keep it very simple for the users, our fellow tibians.

With no further comments, here's the photo: ComicTourQA

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Very original idea :)
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Thank you so much for your kind answer! Means a lot to me!
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Hello, this is my quick tour answer to the context. 

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Hey! Just want to let you know- In August 2020 their moving the points up to 5,000 not 4,000. I think a good question here is should we mention how many points it takes to get the owl or should we just mention how the owl can be rewarded by contributing to the site.
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Yeah I know that. But I thought that as the contest is now in january, makes more sense to me to mention the 4,000 points and not the 5,000 points. Thanks for your comment
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Here is my entry [:

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My presentation was made on a website called PREZI it's an interactive way of doing presentations.

While going through the presentation you can:

  • Press Right/Down arrow keys to go to next scene
  • Press Left/Up arrow keys to go to previous scene
  • Scroll in and out for zooming
  • Clicking with your mouse, to go to a specific image, text box, etc...

I wish I could have added sounds to it, but it required premium subscription I'm sorry!! :'(


Here's the link: Fire Draggon's TibiaQA Quick Tour Design


I hope you enjoy it!!! :D

Thank you and good luck to everyone!

PS: The background picture was not made by me, the author is @phsilvente

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Wow, that is pretty rude of you, tbh... My entry was ready for about 5 days already, I was just waiting to post it because I don't like to post it too early in case I have new ideas.

But if it makes you feel good, then sure...... you can think that you were my role model hehehehehe
Your entry was really good actually. You're PREZI skills are much better than mines, I was really hopeless when I saw yours...
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Lol I didn't want to be rude :o Sorry if u think so. It was like I was talking with my friend that when I add my entry I'm sure that someone else will do prezi, but I was thinking rather that I'll remind about this way of presentation because as you could notice our first idea was rather to present in posters and video. I wasn't even sure if Prezi is acceptable way and asked admin via email if its allowed. And none of those who make for example video treat the first person who made video as role model. Hello, it's allowed to use the same way of presentation! I didn't mean anything bad.  Unnecessary shitstorm. Good luck!
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this isn't a place for quarrels, but I remember that in one contest I pasted the entry first and yours was significantly similar to my @pochwalona. Should I behave like that too? it sometimes happens to have the same idea without agreeing and copying it. let's be more forgiving.
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@Tynusiiaa I thought that after my last post everything is clear and the topic is closed. My first comment may sounds bad and I'm sorry for this. I don't understand why you continue the quarrel then. Moreover, as I remember we both have participated only in two contests and in first on Tibiopedia your work was a copy from Cipsoft graphic, another was on BomDiaTibia where  our submissions were completely different (and I put mine earlier). If you have more problems, please write directly to me, to avoid this off-topic here ;)
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Here is my entry for the contest! Is a video presentation! I hope you like it!

Slowfi's TibiaQA Quick Tour

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Welcome to TibiaQA!!! Unlike a conventional forum, the goal here is to set up a reliable and useful database for the Tibian community.

TibiaQA dynamics are simple, it consists of asking and answering questions related to Tibia. It is not necessary to register on the website to participate, however, when you register, you participate the TibiaQA scoring system, and you will be entitled to a series of benefits, such as: extra editing permissions, badges for your profile and even receive the Omniciesnt Owl.

Before using the site, visit our Help Center and carefully read our sections “Asking and answering questions” and “Reputation points and moderation”, so you are aware of the fansite functioning, in addition, take some time to read our Code of Conduct to ensure good contact with other members of the community.

  1. Show questions with any recent modification.
  2. Show questions from the most recent to the oldest.
  3. Show question with more interactions.
  4. Show questions unanswered, no best answer selected and without upvote.
  5. Show most popular tags.
  6. Show top scoring users and the newest ones.
  7. Here you can make your question.
  8. Moderation: approving content, solve content flagged and hide questions.
  9. Find posts that may require your attention.
  10. Not sure how to proceed? Visit the Help Center and clarify.
  11. Check your progress to receive the Omniscient Owl.
  12. General info about the fansite.
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I used Quickstart from Tibia.com as reference. I'll finish my post later.
Pls any suggestion and help are welcome.
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I think the image is too small. Is little hard to read.
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thx, I'll adjust it
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Help with English grammar are very welcome rsrs
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On the point 3, can put something like:
3. Show the questions with more interactions on the community/website.
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i hope you enjoy it


character name: Bursife
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