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TibiaQA.com is happy to announce the fansite item design contest! The goal of this contest is to create a fansite item that will represent the TibiaQA.com fansite and that will be used as a prize for future fansite contests.

Contest rules:

  • the contest runs from 4. January 00:01 CET, and the entries are accepted until 2. February 23:59 CET
  • the fansite item suggestions must be posted as an answer to this topic
  • the fansite item suggestions must comply with the technical/content details provided below
  • the fansite item must somehow refer to TibiaQA but it's up to the contestant to decide on the final suggestion and design; Will it be a golden question mark? An emblem of the best answer? A scroll of a perfect question? Everything is up to the contestant and own, creative ideas are most welcome
  • there's no limit to the number of suggestions one player can make
  • only complete entries (graphical item design + description + weight) will be considered as valid entries
  • requests for clarification can be made as comments to this topic; answers should only be used to submit a contest entry

Technical/content details:

  • size: 32 x 32 pixel
  • it can be animated but may contain 64 frames at most
  • each frame can have a different exposure time (which is usually at around 100 to 200 ms per frame)
  • if you want pauses within the animation, do not include the same frame multiple times in a row, but instead increase the exposure time for this specific frame
  • it needs to be on a transparent background (1-bit transparency only)
  • if it is animated, you only need to supply an animated GIF of the item; otherwise, it needs to be saved as a 24bit PNG file
  • it needs to fit into Tibia's setting
  • it should not contain any direct references to a country, e.g. a Brazilian flag
  • it's a deco or fun item only, it will not change any character skills or stats
  • it needs to be a takeable item, for example, it cannot be solid furniture, but a bedside lamp would be alright
  • it needs to have dark outlines
  • it shouldn't be too different from other Tibia items

The entry should contain the following elements:

  • the graphical design
  • the item description
  • weight
  • optionally, an explanation of behavior when the item is used (one of: makes a sound, has small effects, is rewritable)
  • optionally, a color of the light it makes (if the item glows in the dark)

Winners selection:

  • the three winners will be selected solely by the TibiaQA.com team
  • the winning entries will be forwarded to the content team for verification
  • if the first choice entry cannot be implemented, the second choice entry will be verified, and if it also cannot be implemented, the third choice entry is verified


  1. fansite item (once it's in game) + medal of honour + 30 days of premium time
  2. tome of choice + royal medal
  3. yellow rose + heavy medal


  • The item design and the proposed item description and behavior are a subject to change both by TibiaQA.com team and CipSoft before they are implemented in game
  • An author of the entry that wins and makes it into the game will need to sign a disclaimer that the artwork belongs to him and that he grants CipSoft the rights to edit and publish it.

Update 8 Jan 2019: Plagiarism will not be tolerated! As stated above, the winner has to sign, that the entry belongs to them. If any entries are found to contain stolen content (either as a whole or even small parts), they will be immediately disqualified.

Good luck!
The TibiaQA.com team.

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Image:  Edited to >> 

All Knowing Necklace (Arm: 0)

Weight: 4.40 oz.

Description: There are no questions that I do not know the answer to.

Details: Green light 4SQM

Item created by Hannzo from Refugia.

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Great entry! I'd make the question mark a little more clear though.
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Will do! Thanks.
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Awesome entry! I liked the green light effect idea as well!
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Name: Griffin Doll

Weight: 4.20 oz

Description: You see a Griffin Doll. It weighs 4.20 oz. This Clever Doll is The Ultimate Seeker of Knowledge & Power! Awarded by TibiaQA.com.

Message When Used: "KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!" --- "Hail TibiaQA.com!" --- "That's A Great Question!" --- "Can You Answer My Riddles, <character name>?"

Light Color: Red (4 sqm)

Sent By: Cheefs

World: Wintera

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wooo so cute! great job

Att: Bea charlover ;)
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Thanks Everyone! I have a whole idea behind them. There could be a new griffin species added in the game eventually and this one would basically be a "Crimson Griffin" or [Fire Griffin] - The idea is to give them elements, so a fire one, an ice one, an energy one, an earth one, ect.. There could even be a huge 2 headed Griffin Boss (5 man boss) with a quest. This is a rough concept but what do you guys think? I think we've been missing Griffins in the game for awhile! :D  They'd be a perfect hunting ground for level 300-500s and the elements would make some of our equipment much more useful >:D
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Your idea looks great...
commented ago by (10 points)
This looks and sounds amazing!
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Name: Almanac of Tibia

Weight: 40.00 oz.

Description: Answers to great questions about Tibia. Awarded by TibiaQA.com.

Message when used: "What's your question, <character's name>?", "Know everything about Tibia!" and "Hail TibiaQA.com!"

Details: It can be written and edited.

Sent by: Kankuro Slayer Tafin

World: Pacera

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I always liked tomes and books on Tibia, so I really enjoyed this one!
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When not used:

When used:

Description: You see The Wise Cat. It weighs 13.00 oz. It holds the answer to all your questions. Awarded by TibiaQA.com.

The weight is 13 oz because it's known as a "bad luck" number, showing that who has enough knowledge doesn't need luck.

When used the eyes will shine and the tail will become a question mark.

Sounds: "Feel my wisdom,<player>"  "Meoww!"  "Purrr"  "Hail TibiaQA.com!"

Light Color: Yellow, 3 sqm.

Char: Didi Hadid

World: Lobera

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Omg another cute plushie <3 (I can’t vote yet but consider this comment as +1 xD)
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Thank you guys! Will try yo come up with more creative ideas :)
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Love this one , so cool!
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mysterious ;) really good job
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Character: Makadamia

World: Bona

Hello there!

A symbol of huge knowledge whole over the world is definitely an Owl. It was my first thought. Simple, clear and nice idea. I decided to create a mascot for TibiaQA.com in my favourite 3D style, not just view from the front of the item.

Name: Omniscient Owl (You can also give it a personal name, to make it more unique.)

Weigh: 9.10 oz.

Description: This inconspicious owl will answer your every question. Awarded by TibiaQA.com.

You see an Omniscient Owl. It weighs 9.10 oz. This inconspicious owl will answer your every question. Awarded by TibiaQA.com.


"Hoo Hoo!"

"Hail TibiaQA.com!"

"I don't carry letters!"

"I think, therefore I am..."

Greetings <player>, are you the one hoo seeks answers?"

"I will answer you, but first I'll rest a bit."

"I know the answer!"

Here is my design:

1st frame - 4000 ms delay

2nd, 3rd and 4th frame - 150 ms delay

Sound after using the item is random, but when "I will answer you, but first I'll rest a bit." appears - it will start an ingame animation:

And our little owl stays with closed eyes for a while (for example 5000 ms).

 Light: orange, 3 SQM

Hope you like my design, it was fun to create it for you! :)


I want to add an animation. It works one time, after our little owl says "I know the answer!", then she lift her finger (or maybe feather?)... well, saying overall - wing.

1st frame - 1000 ms delay

2nd-4th frame - 100 ms delay

5th-10th frame - 200 ms delay

11th-14th frame - 100 ms delay

Of course I can make this Owl in every colour! For example light grey with blue eyes :) Here is an example:

I just made it in brown to make it look more natural and to be honest - for me in brown she looks the best.

Good luck to the rest of participants! :)


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Thank you :)) I'm glad you like it!
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Love the logo and the idea for the site :D
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very nice work
commented by (22 points)
Thanks a lot! :)
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Here's my second entry!

Option 1:

Option 2:

Since the doll is female I also made a second color option more feminine.

Description: You see an Apprentice Doll. It weighs 21.00 oz. It's a symbol of dedication and constant improvement. Awarded by TibiaQA.com.

It's a permanent animated item. The torch burning represents the acquired knowledge and the book with the question mark represents the constant desire to know more.

Sounds: "You should never stop learning, <player>!"  "For your path to be enlightened, keep asking questions."  "For any question you may have, visit TibiaQA.com!"   "Hail TibiaQA!"

Light: Orange, 4 sqm.

Char: Didi Hadid

World: Lobera

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The works submitted so far are amazing and it's hard to beat them
but I had some fun making my own version

Character: Divine'Angel
World: Premia
Name: A very wise Owl
Weigh: 8.20 oz
Description: It answers the most intricate questions. Awarded by TibiaQA.com.

The Item:


You see a very wise Owl.
It weighs 8.20 oz.
It answers the most intricate questions. 
Awarded by TibiaQA.com.

Light: 5 SQM purple light

When used, it randomly displays
Hearts effect: 

Poof effect:


Hoot! Hoot!

Hail TibiaQA.com!

My favourite subject? Owlgebra, obviously.

I am a magical owl. Hooo-dini hoo?

TibiaQA.com, <player's name". Seek your answers there.

What's your question, <player's name>?

Some answers are better left unspoken...

I am the answers and the questions. Owl in one!

Silly hoomans...

Kind Regards

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Character: Divine'Angel
World: Premia
Name: Vial of answers / Vial of questions
Weigh: 6.80 oz
Description: It contains all the answers / It contains all the questions.

The Item has two versions:

Version I

You see a Vial of Answers.
It weighs 8.20 oz.
It contains all the answers. 
Awarded by TibiaQA.com.

After you use it, it becomes:

Version II

You see a Vial of Questions.
It weighs 8.20 oz.
It contains all the questions. 
Awarded by TibiaQA.com.

The vial remains either the vial of questions or the vial of answers until it is used again.

Light: 5 SQM purple light (on both of them)


Don't you dare open me, <player's name>

TibiaQA.com, <player's name". Seek your answers there.

Careful with that!

Some answers are better left unspoken...

Hail TibiaQA.com!

Kind Regards

commented ago by (248 points)
Creative and well designed. Thanks!
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Character: Divine'Angel
World: Premia
Name:  Fairy of Wisdom doll (or Omniscent Angel doll, it can be both, I let you decide)
Weigh: 12.20 oz
Description: It is a true knowledge seeker. Awarded by TibiaQA.com.

TibiaQA is the perfect fansite to connect the Omniscent Angels or Fairies of Wisdom with the knowledge the fansite represents.

I wanted it to be colorful because saturated, colorful items are what we desire the most in our houses and they grab the most attention.

The Item:

      --> after use -->  

You see a Fairy of Wisdom doll.
It weighs 12.20 oz.
It a true knowledge seeker.
It is awarded by TibiaQA.com.

Light: 5 SQM purple light

When used, it randomly displays
Hearts effect: 

Purple Notes Effect: 


Hail TibiaQA.com!

Knowledge is power, <player's name>.

No, I didn't fall from the sky!

I proudly represent represent TibiaQA.com!

TibiaQA.com, <player's name". Seek your answers there.

What's your question, <player's name>?

Some answers are better left unspoken...

Oh! Stop it! I'm tickish!

My harp? What harp?


If you like the doll I may make animations to some of the sounds

Kind Regards

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Name: Clever Teddy

Image when not used:

When used, it displays this animation ONCE:

Description: You see a Clever Teddy. It weighs 7.90 oz. He has the answer to all your questions. Awarded by TibiaQA.com.

Sounds: "I sense you have a question for me."  "Ask wisely <player>." "Knowledge is the most precious thing you can have!" "Hail TibiaQA.com!"

The star effect  appears on your char when he says "Knowledge is the most precious thing you can have!" 

Light Color: Yellow, 3 sqm.

Char: Didi Hadid

World: Lobera

Hope you like it!

commented ago by (248 points)
Cute and creative
commented ago by (29 points)
Thank you! :D
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