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Hello everyone,

the opinion-based tag was introduced quite some time ago with the removal of the rule that completely prohibited opinion-based questions. Since then maintaining the tag was quite an issue. Many opinion-based questions weren't marked with the tag, and some questions that were nearly 100% based on facts were for some reason tagged as opinion-based.

Reviewing the questions under opinion-based tag today shows questions of all kind and as such, I feel this tag has lost all its meaning.

Opinion-based questions themselves will remain on the site and people can still ask them. What changes is that they won't be using the opinion-based tag anymore.

There are also a few types of completely opinion-based questions that are essentially just discussion topics and not questions. Those will remain prohibited as they belong to discussion forums more. They are all listed here: meta.tibiaqa.com/1135/questions-completely-opinion-therefore-suitable-tibiaqa

If you have any concerns, feel free to let us know!

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I'm sorry to hear that. I actually liked not having opinion based questions and answers. Keeping it all as factual as possible was one of the things i really liked about this site (even when ive probably made mistakes concerning this myself) But I understand the need for change and really love the site. Keep up the good work
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