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As you may have noticed, a large amount of questions on the website so far are opinion based. Given the complexity of Tibia and the fact that the answer to many factual questions can already be found on other fansites, I think TibiaQA could be an excellent platform for asking and answering opinion based questions, and storing them in an easy-to-find way.

Therefore I'd like to suggest adding a way to ask opinion based questions, whether it is with a specific new tag, or a subsite just ilke this meta website. I really think it could both help the website grow and prevent frustration with new users who don't really know TibiaQA isn't for opinion-based questions (yet).
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I agree, but it was worth giving it a shot... Most of the answers to questions are to some extent opinion based. There are however certain questions that are 100% percent based on opinions and open up a discussion, rather than look for an answer to a specific question. The line between them can indeed be shady and it may be difficult to judge whether something is opinion-based enough to close the question. I have to think more what's the best solution for this, but we definitely don't want to convert TibiaQA to a regular discussion forum. If you have more ideas on how to progress with this, feel free to update the post and comment any time.
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Some things I would like to suggest to make the influence of opinions smaller:

- When people ask a question, automatically tag the question with the current Tibia version. That way you can always tell which version of Tibia it applied to, and whether or not it's still valid. This is helpful for both opinion based questions and fact based questions.

- Allow opinion based questions, but make it easy to filter those out (or even turn them off by default, and allow people to manually turn them on). That way you keep the platform "pure" for those who want it, but also allow some flexibility.

While it may not have been the intended purpose to turn this place into a forum, somewhat opinion based questions appear to be what people are most interested in right now. It would be a shame to turn down everyone's interest in the platform right now. Fact based questions are pretty hard to come up with right now anyway as you can find almost anything on TibiaWiki or other websites like it.
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Tagging questions with current Tibia version (by default, perhaps) is another great idea. Do you want to start a new question on Meta just for this purpose?
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Sure, I'll do that! :D

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Opinion based questions are now allowed but must use "opinion-based" tag. 

Thanks for the suggestion! A new tag has been introduced that should be used with opinion based questions. This tag will cause a warning to display at the question, similar as it happens with questions marked as spoiler. Some questions have been now reopened and the Get Started guide was updated to reflect the change. 

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Awesome, thank you!