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Would it be a good idea to input a character counter so we can better judge if we're going over the limit in our posts? Sometimes I'm giving everything into my answer and I didn't realize I went over the character count. Sure, there's calculators for this on other websites but I think with that being said to have it actually in the post itself would be easier so we don't know after the fact that we went over the limit.
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hello, does character  count takes into consideration the links attached to certain words or images? seems like I surpassed the character count but I checked in another website and my text is around 5k characters and the page said I surpassed 20k

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Yes, please! If it's possible, please implement it. Sometimes there is announcement that answer was too short and needs atleast 80 characters. Of course I agree to that, but it would be good to see how many letters we already wrote, with character limit.

For example:


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Not sure if I should upvote the question or reply in comments to agree with this so im doing both
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I was also thinking it would be helpful to meet the minimum character requirement when posting a question since some questions don't need very much elaboration.