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Just attempted to ask a question here and had to edit the Question header to fit within the 120 character limit. I think the character limit is too low, and more characters are needed (150 characters is just a number picked at random, whatever the community thinks is best)

I think if a question is overly wordy then the community and especially Ellotris Guardian usually helps with editing. However sometimes you need a few more characters to represent what you are trying to ask

What do you think?

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Actually the limit is 140, and not 120 and it already is about 2 lines of text. See here as an example: https://www.tibiaqa.com/14382/forget-reward-visit-every-extractor-continue-piece-from-where-stopped (132 characters) I don't think we would want to make it any longer than that, but I'm happy to hear thoughts
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I think it's fine the way it is because it makes you really think hard to sum up the question. There are times where I feel like it could be longer but then there's always a way to make the question smaller I feel.
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@ Ellotris Guardian The message I was getting when trying to post a question was 120 character limit
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@Severblade Maybe you were getting that on Meta TibiaQA? I just checked and I was getting a correct error message on TibiaQA, but Meta TibiaQA had indeed a limit of 120 characters set

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