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In order to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the fansite programme, 12 promoted and supported Tibia fansites have prepared a special contest for the Tibian community. The Tibia Movie Awards! The contest opens on March 24th at the time of server save (10 AM CET). All entries must be submitted by April 21st at the time of server save (10 AM CET). Winners will be announced on April 28th.

The rules and prizes for each category are listed on the website dedicated to the event: https://tibiamovieawards.com/

TibiaQA is proudly hosting the Best Quest Walkthrough/Guide category. The goal is to create an easy to understand guide for a Tibia quest. One video should guide through one quest only!

All submissions need to go through https://tibiamovieawards.com/. Videos submitted here will not participate. You can, however, use this topic to ask any questions related to the Best Quest Walkthrough/Guide category :)

Good luck everyone!
TibiaQA.com team

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Staff members can join other categories, but not this one specifically hosted by TibiaQA, right? :)

EDIT: "Fansite staff members may participate in the contest, but may not participate in the category belonging to the fansite where they are a member of the staff."

I saw that in the webpage in the contest. So good to know about that!
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Correct :) Fansite Staff can participate in categories hosted by other fansites
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Hello dear Tibia QA Community :-)

I have some questions regarding the TMA:

1. What is the maximum length of the uploaded video?

2. May I only show a part of a quest and not the whole? For example I only show some missions and the concerning rewards and not all.

3. Do I have to display the name of my character(s)?

Looking forward to your reply!

Best regards,

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Hi there, I'm wondering what the criteria for a video like this will be, how will you judge one over the other? By quest choice or clarity for example? Or also entertainment value?

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