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TibiaQA.com is proudly announcing the Tibia Expert contest! The goal of this contest is to promote knowledge sharing and reward players who are willing to share their expertise with others. The contest also serves as a reminder that answering your own questions is not only allowed, but highly encouraged.

How to participate?

  1. Browse through existing questions on TibiaQA and assess what content it might be missing
  2. Ask a new and interesting question that hasn't been asked before
  3. Provide an answer to your own question
  4. Post a link to your question & answer on this topic (max 3 entries per user)

Contest rules:

  • The contest runs from 16. September 2022 00:01 CET, until 16. October 2022 23:59 CET
  • Users participate by asking and answering their own questions, and then submitting their entries as detailed in the section above - How to participate
  • All posted content must follow the TibiaQA guidelines - answers that fail to do so will be removed and will not participate in the contest
  • Questions that have already been asked on TibiaQA will be closed as duplicates and won't participate in the contest
  • TibiaQA.com staff cannot participate in the contest


  1. Omniscient OwOmniscient Owll + Yellow Rose + Golden Trophy of Excellence + Rune emblem of choice + 75 bonus reputation points on TibiaQA
  2. Silver Trophy of Excellence + Hero's medal + Rune emblem of choice + 50 bonus reputation points on TibiaQA
  3. Bronze Trophy of Excellence + Elven trophy + Rune emblem of choice + 25 bonus reputation points on TibiaQA

Picking top entries:

  • The top 6 entries will be selected by the TibiaQA.com team and forwarded to the CMs and fansite admins
  • The selection will be based on
  • The CMs and fansite admins will vote for their favorite answers from the top 6
  • The winning answers are announced based on the received votes from the CMs and fansite admins (estimate - 24. October) and the winners are announced on Meta TibiaQA

Feel free to post a comment under this topic in case of any questions regarding the contest!

Good luck!
The TibiaQA.com team.

Don't forget to link your entries in this topic to participate!

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Great news :) I wish you all the best of luck.
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Good Luck to all :)

4 Answers

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This is my question for Tibia Expert Contest, firts time participating in this site ❤️
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This information has been missing for quite a while and i thought it was quite important:

I explain it to someone almost weekly >.>
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Heya! Thanks for submitting your contest entry. Unfortunately, the question and the answer must be yours in this contest in order to participate. I'm hoping to see your other contest entries :)
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First submission, lets hope this time I remember to submit more than one HAHA!


Editing: Just thought of another one while submitting this one and got my hands to work right away xD


PS: All this answering my own questions thing makes me feel like that three spidermans pointing at eachother meme xD
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obama giving obama a medal meme
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