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Sometimes I'm checking the main page and notice a new question that already have a selected answer within a few hours.

In my view this is not health to TibiaQA for the following reasons:

  1. It limits users that answer more than make questions. Users can still answer the question but there is no incentive to do so.
  2. It lower the quality of answers. Even if the owner of the question is satisfied with the answer it might not be best and most complete answer as it takes time to do research and write a elaborated answer.
  3. Diversity is desired. Even if one answer is better / more complete others can complement and enhance the topic.
So my question is. Should we set a one day lock before selecting an answer? 

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Remember that the best answer mark can be changed from one answer to another. The fact that a question has an answer selected as best should not prevent people from adding more useful information to a question, so don't feel discouraged to add your feedback even if you see that an answer has been chosen.
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Ideally it should not prevent people from posting more but in reality it does.