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A lot of questions related to how much x costs or what is the price of x could be seen a valid short term only. Pricing depends on your world, the time of day, if there's events going on, the amount of players etc. It just completely varies.

My suggestion, because these questions are really helpful for the moment their asked maybe we can have a tag that is meant specifically for these questions? Or a category for these questions would be nice even like a market category (I know we already have that tag but by category I know questions are listed under recent, hot, etc) Maybe the tag can be listed under price? That way players can easily go back and see if they need to edit the answer.

Or maybe for players viewing the question we can have a little warning that says pricing can vary based on numerous factors blabla just incase the answers get outdated?
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I love that idea, I feel like prices change more often than a year, on a daily basis. But to not overdue it may be at least every 3-6 months?
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@ Ellotris- Can we start tagging Price to questions that ask for how much an item costs?
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Yes, that sounds fine to me
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@Ellotris, the folllowing page should be edited to avoid confusion. People will read that valid short-term questions should be avoided and will flag these questions that are now allowed: https://www.tibiaqa.com/asking-what-to-avoid

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I guess this option of a little warning about "prices can vary..." is a good thing. Usually when I ask this kind of questions it to know an average price, just to have an idea about the real value of some item.
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I agree that these posts should be marked in some way, as an answer that was given may not be valid a year later.

A suggestion would be to be able to mark the posts with some kind of timer that says that the answer needs a review after a year, for example.

This marker could automatically add a warning to users that that response may change based on time, events, and other factors.
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I like that idea too. I'm just wondering if such a timer would be needed on all posts, or only some, with a certain tag. There are some questions that will likely never change.
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Recently, I haved a Issue with this type of question, at the end I changed to the ''most valuable item'' and it can work forever because it really dont change.But the price vary by each server and can change in a month.