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There is hunting tasks from grizzly adams or prey hunting tasks with the prey system. Would be helpful to get the hunting-tasks that are associated under the prey system to be tagged as prey-hunting-task because when you search you see a mixture of the two in the same tag but their different.

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Great observation and I totally support separating those two. However, I'd likely go with different naming. "Hunting Tasks" are official name for the Prey Hunting Tasks. The so-called "hunting tasks" from Grizzly Adams are not called like this or referred to as hunting tasks anywhere in Tibia (I think...)

Perhaps we could reserve hunting-tasks for the prey hunting tasks and use existing killing-in-the-name-of for anything related to Grizzly Adams tasks? Alternatively, we can also create a new tag paw-and-fur-tasks.

There aren't a lot of questions with the hunting-tasks tag that need to be changed, so I think a manual edit is OK here.


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Keeping killing-in-the-name-of seems reasonable to use the existing tag of course, thank you :)
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