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Going through some hunting-themed tags and trying to organize them I noticed some categories get mixed between several tags. Ultimately, I just want to know what you prefer or if there's any other suggestions about these tags as I asked Ellotris and he would like the community to help decide.

  • For the tags,  power-game and experience, should experience just be about experience-related questions and power game tags should be if we want to powergame?
  • For the low-level tag - What do you consider low level? When should we use this tag?
  • The party tag is sometimes used with team-hunting and hunting tags. Maybe this should just be used specifically for questions regarding the party feature and not for party hunts?
  • Hunting tag is usually used for both team hunting and solo tags, what should we do about the hunting tag?

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This is my personal opinion:

  • Im agree with the definition you propose.
  • To me a low level character is all under 500-600 and need be used when the question ask for specific level in the range.
  • I think all players use party to concern a team hunting and the features of party are not too many or change every day. So, Party = Team Hunt.
  • Keep the Hunt tag to solo hunts or not specific question like ''Where is the best place to hunt X''
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