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Found these two questions with answers of mine as I'm trying to find all the unselected answers I have to improve them and make the user who did the question select them and I don't know what to do in this specific situation, is there a way to have them selected?


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This happens so often :( also might want to check out this question too: https://meta.tibiaqa.com/1500/is-there-any-possibility-to-change-best-aswer-in-old-question?show=1500#q1500

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the questions that you linked were asked by users who posted anonymously. Anonymous users can still select the best answer to their question. Of course, it's less likely after a long amount of time, since they may not receive any notification and they usually don't come back to their old question themselves.

Not every question will have the best answer selected, and we are aware of that. The best answers are currently reserved for people who ask the question.