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I didn’t reach that point to remove the flags, but I was wondering if the owner of the question can remove flags from his questions if he has right amount of the contribution points?

I am asking this as I flagged two questions as a duplicated and within few minutes those disappeared without any comments.

Of course, I could be wrong with flagging- however, I think it should be another person removing flags, not the owner.
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Thanks for raising this concern, I think this is perfectly valid that the user whose content was flagged likely shouldn't be the one to review it. I'm considering a more general revamp of the flag system that would fix such issues.
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Thank you for looking into it. Perhaps it is worth to add that it should be also limited in the following scenario:
If you flag the question, you cannot close it (unless you are moderator of TibiaQa).
Anyways, leaving it in more capable hands now ^^
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I just noticed the mentioned issue with people removing tags from their own questions hasn't been fixed yet:

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Why not? as you say you can be wrong and if the owner of question have the points there is not a problem.

I think one of the question you say is: https://www.tibiaqa.com/25250/who-are-the-queens-and-where-is-their-kingdom

Here I edited, removed the Kings and remove the flag.
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Perfect example:
Your post was made 30/05/2021 @01/40;
My question on MetaQa was made 30/05/2021 @12:22- Before that I have flagged your question as a duplicate and this was removed in few minutes without comments
Shawtay Comments and changes 30/05/2021 @14;27
I flagged it once again and only then you have amended your question.

Why not? Because owners opinion is biased. Owner should have right to VETO the flag, but not to remove it. Look at above- you simply removed my flag and done no action whatsoever- like you were hoping none will notice. Only once Shawtay commented- you have decided to take an action. Why is that? Is it because she has enough points to close your question? Please, enlighten me.

I also flagged the below question:
as a similar to this one https://www.tibiaqa.com/14021/does-your-summons-damage-also-count-for-your-characters-damage?show=14021#q14021
and you did exactly same thing- without amending a thing.
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I was the first person who got the Owl with points (4000 and now have more than 5000), so I do not need more points. I really like make question about lore stuff. Also Im one of the most old/active users, I haved a lot talks and discussion with Ellotris to learn how the site works.

I dont know what do you wanna found, like a conspiracy where I take actions when I read your question in Meta? and not before. Even in that was the case (And not), the question on meta at least to me dont care because the question not get any influence in my actions.

If I got the tool to remove flag and I want use this, I just gonna use that. And there no rule who say I need explain my action (Hope see it one day, by example see the person who downvote making comment and not just the downvote).

If you have the tool to put a flag and the other user with same or more point cant remove it you are getting more power than he, so is not fair.

About the first question inself, I asked by both Kings and Queens, you put a duplicated flag because exist a qeustion asking by Kings 50% of the question. If we take as good the flag and deleted the question 50% of the question dont get any answer. So it cleary dont work. The best action on these case is edit the question, remove the 50% duplicated part and keep the 50% unanswer rest.

To the end, ask you something easy:
Damage done by summons, Is the same as Damage Taken, Healing, Blocking creature made by familiar?

Summon and familiar are not the same and you are only asking by one type of action (Damage done by summons). I think is very clear is not the same, related yes, the same not.

And all this without counting that the person who put the flag may be wrong.
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Congrats on Owl and thank you for being active. Happy for your relationship with Ellotris or whatever. But this is not the point nor argument for this discussion. I do not look for conspiracy either- understand, it is not directed towards you, I simply never seen it till now. Therefore a simple question was asked (and no- I did not mention you at that point, didn't I?).
My point is whether the owner of the question should be eligible to remove flag. Even more- If the person who is flagging it should be able to close it straight away. In my opinion there should be 3rd person (arbitrator) involved in situations where the Moderator/Admin of TibiaQA is not the person flagging/closing. This is not avoid errors and people loosing opportunity to gain point or defend themselves.

Re your question-

Please tell me how the Skullfrost etc was called before? Summons.  The phrase familiars came only 30/11/2020
Does it speak about damage? It does.
Do they heal? No. They Regenerate the health.
Blocking goes back to the two above.

And here we are dancing. We can do similar run about https://www.tibiaqa.com/25249/what-is-the-relationship-between-lloyd-mad-mage-and-raging-mage?show=25249#q25249 or few more. Little things. Little details.

But I guess we do actually have double standards after all.
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If I ask by X, Y and Z, and you put a duplicated flag because exist a qeustion asking by X and Y 66% of the question. If we take as good the flag and deleted the question 33% of the question dont get any answer.

X and Z is not the same as X, Y and Z.

Thats my point, the question is not the same is not duplicated, related is not duplicated.