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Are we allowed to make questions related to legendary players of the game (like Bubble, Eternal Oblivion, Mulf or Lord'Paulistinha) or about a particular group of players (guilds/pk teams)?

The question on my mind would be something like: "Who had the first Golden Boots on the game?", "Who got Top level for the most time on Tibia?" or "Which guild is the oldest on Tibia?", "What was the highest level achieved by a brazillian player?", "Who were the players that concluded the first and unique Premia promotional Quest and looted the Thunder Hammer?"

I ask that because it is quite interesting historical facts and they can be pretty conclusive and not opinion based. However, it will deal with some information that might reveal many polemic details proved later (for example, we can have players with controversial historical facts, along with stories and relates that can lead us to conclude that some famous players might have been involved on actions that are forbidden by Tibia Rules, like cheating, external help, bug abuse, game weakness abuse...). What is recommended now about this subject? Should I promote questions talking about specific persons in game that contributed to the history of Tibia, even if it may stir up some heated observations or even accusations not widely know by the public?

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I don't see anything wrong with the questions themselves. They are pretty straightforward and have a concrete answer. If anything raises an unnecessary and unwanted debate, a moderator will intervene, but neither the player that asked the question nor the player that provided that concrete answer have to worry anything if they don't engage in off-topic bashing.
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It depends, if it does not involve asking about illegal things, that's okay. I guess
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