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At this point of the page there are tons of question that have 1 or 2 keywords that could lead to several other questions that probably aren't any close to what we are looking (example, corpse war), this could turn the actual search tool a bit useless in certain situations where there's no other way to search for that specific info (tags in that case aren't enough neither due they are even broader).

That's why an advanced search option were helpful, it could contain several features:

  • All keywords only: So only if a question have in some part of the thread at least once all the keywords then would be shown.
  • Title only/question only: if doesn't contain the keywords in the main thread (the question or the title) then would avoid other matchs.
  • Several Tag: It would filter only questions with all the tag in it.
  • Tag+Keyword only: would avoid any question that doesn't fulfill both.
Those kind of options were useful while exploring this fansite that have become huge and is kind of easy to get lost in it trying to find something.

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Yes I agree with an advanced search option since normally I find past questions and answers based off memory and sometimes have to search long and hard for it. Let's see what ellotris thinks!
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ty for the support, hopefully he would agree!
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I love the idea, however, I'll be honest - implementation-wise this is quite challenging.
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I believe you could use advanced google queries to get results specifically from TibiaQA.

The link for that is:

This way you could set it up so only results for TibiaQA are shown, containing one word or phrase, excluding words, etc...
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idk if i got this right but you mean for searching TibiaQA stuff on google directly trying to get the info that i can't get using the search tool? I don't think it solve the issue but i would like you to explain better how it works because so far i see it as the same TibiaQA Search feature tool but in google instead.
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nossa seria otimo em
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thanks for supporting it, but remind that posting it in english helps others to understand it better
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ok thanks for the tip