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Hello everyone,

through a discussion on our Discord channel, I'd like to start a conversation about a potential addition to TibiaQA - TibiaQA Supporter accounts.

Any user could obtain the TibiaQA Supporter account by donating a small sum of money/Tibia Coins to help pay the website running costs (servers, domains). Getting the TibiaQA Supporter account would also award the user some small perks, like

  • No more ads (indefinitely)
  • Title/badge next to the username and on the profile
  • Being able to bump/pin questions more often
  • Access to some advanced stats (like how many visits daily there are, which questions are currently most popular, etc.)
  • other ideas?

How would you feel about such a feature? Would you be interested? If so, what would be a fair price in USD/Tibia Coins in your opinion?

Please note that we haven't made any decisions yet - we are just checking whether there's any interest in such an addition.

TibiaQA.com team

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I think the payment/donation need be monthly as a very small suscripton, at the end is more benefefit to the fansite than a single payment.

Taking in count the salary of latam places and not just in first country I think 25-50 tc is good option or equivalent in usd.

FOR THE LORD OF LIGHT add a option to see who made the downvotes XD
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"the salary of latam" this is a point, we don't know the exact proportion but a considerable ammount of the playerbase comes from latam, so were a nice gesture to take it into account, also a monthly stuff is probably more affordable/worthy than a huge load

but i can't stand the downvotes thing, ohno that sounds sooo dangerous...
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"FOR THE LORD OF LIGHT add a option to see who made the downvotes XD"

This will ruin the site. People will fight each other on downvotes.
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indeed, yet maybe moderators should be allowed to know if someone has been downvoting x other person constantly and for no apparent reason, shouldn't?

1 downvote without an explanation is okay, maybe 3, but what if someone have 10 downvotes of the same person and none of them have a plausible reason? that were a reason to complain but in that case were moderators who should do something in that regard.
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Maybe unlock this option once you reach the 5k and claim the reward. So it doesn't affect the development of the way to the goal.
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Although it would be nice to see downvotes I don't agree we should see who downvoted... BUT as I and others mentioned in the past, at least a required approved reason for a  justified downvote and then monitoring downvotes more carefully would be a great addition. Sometimes downvotes even though an answer is edited don't get removed things like this I think could be approved on.
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Something which you could incorporate:

- "Verified account". - Other websites provides you with generated code which you have to put in your characters profile in order to confirm this is the person. For example you got new user Meadek, but what certaintly I have that this is the same Meadek who creates Youtube videos about Tibia Misterando. Same as Lee Kun- is it really Lee Kun? Yes, it could perhaps involve extra job for you and your moderators, but I do think it would be useful. Additionally, Verified account status would remain after one purchase (even if expired), if it is monthly payment.

- Advance option to add position in Tibia Community, for Example Mogh- Admin of Tibia Secrets. (that could be incorporate in your experts mode too). Or Hunter the Dragoes- recognised Tutor. Many of these people done A LOT - give them option to present their achievments;

- Someone proposed in past to introduce 1 point for log in every day for every user. Instead make it happen for supporter account. It does not need to be even 1 point- can be half, but it will attract group of people.
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I like your ideas although I am certainly not objective because I would be the beneficiary of these ideas. @Ellotris Gaurdian what do you think of these ideas ?
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As  I'm a part of the fansite team I don't see any advertisements but maybe to encourage all users to support TibiaQA there could be other perks. Maybe if enough supporters donated there could be some sort of raffle of premium time, Tibia coins, or maybe even the Omniscient Owl himself (or her)? Or perhaps some sort of contest or raffle specifically for supporters. So from what I'm understanding, there would only be a one-time fee and not a monthly or 6 monthly fee to enjoy these perks? Maybe depending on how much you are willing to support there could be different tier levels of perks. It's really hard to say but if it stands currently with the perks right now these are the prices (which can change depending on the method of payment and exchange rate)

Tibia Coin quantityCost in USD
250 TC9.52 USD
750 TC26.48 USD
1500 TC52.97 USD

As it stands right now I would pay a one-time fee of around 250-500 TC or whatever is around $10-20 USD (sorry didn't do the math). If the perks change and different tier levels exist I would be willing to pay more, it really all depends.

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I would love the new title/badge, maybe aswell a higher role in discord...? but what interest me more is the world of possibilities that such addition would provide to the fansite, maybe this could help affording a bot that integrate the new post in discord (you know, for lighthearted discussions without crowding the fansite with comments)? maybe improving even more the website (im a passionate lover of dark mode, and light mode is killing my eyes ;-;), there's not limit for imagination!

In the other hand these are the points that i like the most:

-A low cost monthly rent.
-Removing completely the ads (monthly or permanently, up to you, even an "permanently after x ammount of $ is okay for me).
-Advanced stats.

and maybe others like:

-Gif avatar
-a monthly share of a small ammount of points (25-50) stopping at 500-1k? (obtaining points isn't as easy for everyone)
-maybe increasing the length/cappacity of answers? (i have seen some ppl struggling with the cappacity of their amazing answers, is a shame)
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I think it is a good option if people want to support. I would have it a low monthly amount of just like $2-$5 or something.
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Indeed an interesting Idea, I would be down to contribute and I agree there should be a small monthly fee for around 2$ or 50TC, and about the downvotes discussion I mean I hate to NOT KNOW where and why I have downvotes cause it mess with my OCD. But I understand why it is the way it is, I think it could help to have an option that requires from the one giving the downvote to also write down the reason why the downvoting was imparted that would be incredibly helpful and will not affect the social environment of the fansite.

PS: Said it before quite a few times, Tibia Q&A is my favorite fansite nowadays, you guys are doing amazing.