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TibiaQA is currently looking for Experts, who will help search for answers to community questions and validate that the answers available on the site are as accurate as possible.

Key Tasks

  • Review answers posted by the community and cast upvotes and downvotes appropriately.
  • Help search for answers to unanswered questions.
  • Validate that highly voted answers on the site are correct.
  • Adding the "Best Answer" mark to answers that have been verified as correct.
  • Removing the "Best Answer" mark from answers that have been verified as incorrect or outdated.
  • Editing existing answers and questions for clarity.

What are the requirements?

  • Good command of English
  • At least 1000 reputation points on TibiaQA
  • Owning at least one character of level 400+
  • Proven expertise in Tibia-related matters, for example via
    • serving the community as a Tutor
    • participation or contributions to other Tibia fansites
    • high reputation score on TibiaQA
    • contributions to Tibia research projects on the official forum
    • any other visible contributions to the Tibia community

What do we offer?

  • Diamond mark next to the username on TibiaQA for recognition
  • Tibia Coins and Premium Time
  • Omniscient Owl fansite item after 12 months of active service (staff activity is subject to periodic evaluation)
  • Zero third-party ads on TibiaQA
  • Access to the Tibia private test servers
  • Occasional in-game gifts

If you are interested, please either leave a note on this topic or send an e-mail to tibiaqa.adm@gmail.com

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"here a bad answer is notoriously punished" that's how it should work, but that's not now it really works. Only non-sense answers are treated like that. But there are many, many incorrect answers which are upvoted and/or marked as correct. Users don't upvote answers because they know it's right, they do if the subject looks interesting to them and if the answer is well written. But we'll have to wait and see.
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We need remember few things, MOST of question on the site have only one right answer (It can have small vary, but the core is gonna be the same). A lot of times you gonna see the same answer from differents users, is just the format, add links, source, images the small details who give the best answer and you can easy see that with a fast look.

When a moderator downvoted something their job is explain what are the problems with the answer/question, and is the job from user take this in count or not to imrpove their question/answer.

Also remember something, this is a fansite and you gonna need some kind of help, I have something close like 20 years of experience working with diffeents fansite and that can burn a lot of your time. This role is just that, new memberfs for the staff of TibiaQA like any other fansite.

This is a role for a new member staff not for a regular user. And even if the new guy do a bad things, they just gonna be kick out, because at the end, Ellotris gonna keep and eye on every member of the staff.
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also important to notice this, moderator and expert aren't the same thing, and now that we bring this up i would like to clarify that i wish no moderator has the chance to become an expert at all, all this aiming to avoid interest conflict.

A moderator MUST supervise the job done by an expert, aswell other experts but moderator are those who must say "hey, this behavior is incorrect and misleading" while experts should only take care of the quality of the information provided, right now most moderator simply improve/edit answers to make them more understandable because that's and has to be their only job, the job of improving the quality of the answer should be done by someone totally different with more expertise in the area.
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"serving the community as Tutor". - this rule I think you will have to remove :/ There is no longer a Tutor position in the game.

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Good luck with the research, I apply some years ago when you ask for CM on the first time and be rejected.
Taking in count this have more requirements, there is nothing to do here :(