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TibiaQA is meant to be a site moderated by the community itself in a big part. Moderators exist to review actions taken by the community or make decisions on edge cases.

Each user starts with 10 points. Points are earned by taking actions on the site, as described in Get Started

The privileges and amount of points required is still being tweaked. Below is the current summary. Please note, that those privileges are not valid on meta (yet). We may also use different thresholds for meta. Keep in mind that user points are separate for core and meta.

15 points: Allow users to post on other user's profile walls
20 points: Allow users to vote on comments & questions
30 points: Allow users to vote on answers
70 points: Allow users to vote down
150 points: Allow users to flag posts (after reaching certain amount of flags, the post is hidden; also moderators can take actions quicker on flagged posts)
500 points: Review and accept or reject posts from unregistered or unconfirmed users
750 points: Allow users to reassign tags in any question
1000 points: Allow users to edit any question and any answer
2500 points: See flagged posts and single-handedly hide any posts from the site; also allows re-showing any posts that were hidden by flags or other users

NOTE: Current point thresholds are also listed on Get Started

Are there any other privileges that we could potentially grant for points?
 - Choose answer to any question (useful when author doesn't do this or question was posted by unregistered user)
 - Close any question
 - Viewing who voted or flagged posts
 - Editing any question/answer/comment
 - No ads

I'm curious to hear your suggestions on new privileges or tweaks to already existing ones.

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I've reduced the points required to vote on answers to 40 and voting down to 80
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The above were further reduced to 30 and 70

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I think allowing users to edit questions and answers are very useful. It prevents duplicate answers, or good answers split in two different "posts". Since apparently there is no "edit review" system, then the points should be good enough to prevent vandalism. For this to be useful it can't be a very high number of points, I'd say something between 100 and 250.
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Thanks, this is useful and I've been thinking about that for some time. I'll think about the exact point thresholds and update this thread in the next days.
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I've added the "edit any question & answer" privilege, but it's worth 1000 reputation points. I can see that this is not the best, but we have to consider a few facts:
- this privilege allows user to clear the whole content from the site (sure, we can always rollback, but for some time there would be nothing here)
- we want to make sure that immadiately applied edits are of high quality, since they may not get enough review (especially on older posts)
- we want to have edits only from the users that understand when it's appropriate to edit and when to post a new answer - in general, edits should only be a case when there's a small detail missing. If half of the answer is incorrect or missing - a new answer should be posted

Having said that - we may consider a "suggest edit" feature, that would be available at much lower reputation (around 100), but that would require a review of a moderator or high reputation user.
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I think it might not be a bad idea to add a "report" button for stuff that doesn't actually have the time to be downvoted (think hacklinks, links to nudity, general spam, etc.). That way such things can still be dealth with promptly. For just "bad questions" and such the up and downvote system is perfect though.
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The report button exists and is called "flag". Flagged content is brought to the attention of moderators and users who can single-handedly hide posts. Moreover, if a post receives a set number of flags it's hidden automatically (but will still be reviewed by moderators)
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Suggestion: instead of straight-out editing, allow users to "suggest an edit" (which the owner of the question can then approve or deny). Straight-out editing may lead to stuff being edited to something the user doesn't agree with, and since it still shows their name as the author, it feels rather intrusive. I feel like only actual moderators should be able to edit posts without feedback from the question / answer owner.
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I agree this would be great and in that case, it could become available at much lower reputation points threshold. This is not supported by the tool we utilize though and would need to be manually implemented, making it a little more complicated. This is why currently we only make it available to people that gathered a lot of reputation points. Moreover, moderators and admins have access to the page that lists all recent edits, to review any suspicious and incorrect edits.
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Ah, that's a shame, it not being available in the tool! Maybe something for the future when TibiaQA grows :)
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One question Ellotris: Do we have any kind of privilege with the points that we receive here on Meta? Or they do not have any function at the moment?

EDIT: And this privilege "Choose answer to any question (useful when author doesn't do this or question was posted by unregistered user)" along with the possibility of editing any comment would be great additions to the website!
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There are four special privileges obtainable here: voting on comments, voting on answers, voting down, flagging; obtainable respectively at 20, 50, 100, 200 points.
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Hm, interesting. I got already 20 points on Meta but I still cannot vote on your comment above. I can only vote on comments posted on a question made by me?
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Weird, you should be able to vote up all comments just fine and your profile also says you have earnt that privilege. Is there any info in the popover when you hover over the voting arrows?
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Everything working fine now! I don't know what really happened... Anyway, thanks for clarifying this topic for me!
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I hope see it "Viewing who voted or flagged posts" implemented.

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