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With the introduction of TibiaQA contribuition system, which is a long way to the prize, how can we avoid the farmer points only? This weekend I received a lot of e-mails from my questions form long time  ago being answered, so today I read about the news and I asked myself if ppl are just answering to farm points.

What is your opinion about that, and what can we do to avoid this behavior?

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As long as these "farmers" answear your questions properly, I see no problem on this behaviour.

On the contrary, it seems to me a desirable effect, as it will make the community more active.
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+1 I think this is exactly the intended consequence of adding the contribution system.
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Sure if the answer is good and help in some way I won't consider it as farming points. But I'm afraid of ppl just aswering anything, or even copying parts from others answers just earn points.
Idk if it will happen but I think we should consider as a situation that might occur
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If the new answer doesn't provide any new information, I don't see why anyone would up-vote it. I'd rather expect that the community down-votes it and the only effect is that the user loses points. Answering old questions is perfectly fine and expected. Many of the posted questions (over 200 - https://www.tibiaqa.com/review-queue) don't have an up-voted answer which means that the current answers are not yet satisfying.
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I don’t see anything wrong with this behaviour. The whole point of them offering item was to entice people to answer questions!
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Indeed, this is not the first time I see people complaining about gaining points through a contribution system, when that is actually the whole point. The important thing is that people put effort on what they do and deliver quality.
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Also I see no problem in this. This is a very good idea with scoring points. TibiaQA  will gain activity, old questions will also be refreshed and people have a chance to get a wonderful item :) 

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