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As discussed in this TibiaQA question, I'd like to suggest adding a tag with the current Tibia version to each question. 


  • You can see during which update a question was made, so you'll know when a question might no longer be relevant
  • It'll be possible to perform automated actions on these questions (for instance: send an e-mail to the question owner to ask if they can either mark their question as "still relevant" or "outdated information" or something like that
  • Work for the admins to make an automated version tag (assuming you want it to be automated - I would suggest having a field for each question with the Tibia version and pre-filling it with the current one, but allowing users to change it if they want to ask a question about a previous version) cheeky
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I agree with that.

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I support it, this can help to know if a question need be update.
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I agree like just associate the date with also the version of Tibia. However, I understand that it might be difficult to do this.
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