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Hello everyone,

even though neither the date of the summer update or even the start of the private test server are known yet, we would like to prepare in advance and form a team that will receive invitations to the Tibia's private test server for the Summer Update 2019. TibiaQA can invite 5 players at the maximum.

Would you like to join the private test server as a part of our team? Post an answer in this topic with the character name on the account that should be invited if that's the case! If more than 5 players apply, we will pick the players with the highest number of points on TibiaQA (points on meta will not count).

If you know you have secured an invitation already (e.g. by being a part of another fansite, by being a tutor, etc.) please refrain from applying - you cannot be invited twice anyways ;)

We will let you know in this topic once the names are forwarded.

Best regards,
TibiaQA.com team

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Really nice option to all (I already have invitation) hope see in  the test :#

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I like the rpg aspect of the game, thus getting knowledge about new content before official reveal would be nice.
I'm not hlvl, though it would be difficult to explore if new content is made for high lvl players. Nvm, I'd like to try this xD

Nick: Nersna
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It is still worth to go as a low level. Last Test Server that I was invited (last year) had a NPC giving out tons of EXP for free, along with free high level gear. So level won't be problem (skill will be, though).

I've made a low level knight into a level 300 in a blink of a second on Test Server :P
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The max is level 250 (252 as I see).
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Character: Hakai Mage
World: Secura
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char: Raven Branwen

World : ferobra

What this team will do? Only explore the new content?
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Everything that you would do on a regular test server - test stuff. Just earlier than other players since it's the private test.
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Oh ok... I thought it was different from the regular test server xD
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Its little better, because the people on the private test server are really focused on created the spoil of all new content and the most players are really good players.
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I would like to join and write my observations on forum.

Character Name: Smordinski.
World: Secura.

Thank you.
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I like this tournament worlds hehe

Name : Jxia

World :Vunira
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Just to be clear - the private test server for the summer update is something completely different than tournament worlds
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alright i want to particpate but i haven''t many time until mid of june
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The test probably run in final of June or firsts weeks of july (The teasears start at middle of June). Also the tournament are not part of the update (Mirade words).
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Character name: Bea Charlover Aca
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