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Hello community,

since the introduction of the contribution system, we have started seeing increased activity. This is great, and a lot of awesome content was provided. Unfortunately, we have also started seeing many suspicious accounts and votes.

Please note that voting posts up and down is the moderation privilege awarded to users and it's expected that users will use those votes fair. Any attempt to use votes in any other way (especially to gain quick points in the contribution system) is an action that goes against the principles of this community and will not be tolerated.

Users that decide to break those rules risk suspension of their account or a penalty of reduced reputation points. Votes are analyzed on a daily basis.

Moreover, all users that reach the required threshold of reputation points to receive Omniscient Owl will have their points analyzed in details again to make sure that no cheating was involved in obtaining them. Users that cheated their way to the fansite item (even only partially) will not receive the item.

Play fair!

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Little question: The votes are analyzed by human or tool/bot/srip?
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Both. A set of scripts helps in determining any anomalies, but then they are double-checked and confirmed.
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I am concerned about it either. For example one of my question got 4 downvotes and 2 upvotes, what is very unusual. In addition, I see that all active members gave out almost 0 downvotes, maybe with one or two exceptions. That means some people have "trashes" account for downvoting others and upvoting themselves. 4000 points is huge pool of points, and that would be very dissapointing if someone will ruin one year effort in one week by unfair downvoting. In my opinion, points for voting should be decreased, and points for downvoting should not have any impact on reputation. Punishing someone for trying does not encourage to activity.

This solution won't stop cheating, but will give a chance for fair players to get their 4000 points. At now, I don't even try to ask more questions, because I will loose more points than I gonna receive.
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I think Loreffy has a good point though - it would be nice to leave a reason for downvoting, so people can learn from it. You might *think* that you left an amazing and accurate answer, it's good to have feedback then.
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@Loreffy so true about this public votes :)
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@Ellotris Guardian of course, to the page from asking questions and indeed in the owl willingly acquired full motion functions are available, but think so: it is still helpful. Someone new will be able to see the answer right away, not wait for someone to answer. This has its pros.
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New people and old problems. I passed that way long time ago XD
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It is very good that it is so... However, I know, for example, that nice people here often give me voices up, and those malicious voices down, and if I'm to be punished after that, it is sad. Especially since I play honestly.

I often tell my friends about this site and we all try to help and create a pleasant atmosphere. Maybe loyalty points should be introduced for inviting new people? but we would receive them when someone shows some activity.
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