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By make all clear, please make a good and enumerating page with all the rules of the points system.

Second, I think is good idea show a page with all the fansite items given to who and why?.
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I think some question, specially "Opinion-based" shouldn't give any points to the one who did the question and all answers. Questions at TibiaQA should bring some banefits to the community, but what has been seen most is superfluous quests only to a group of close friends give upvotes to each other. Now, the problem is who will define which "opinion-based" quest give points or not? In my opinion it should be amde by moderators
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You cant give this powers to mod because, they have their own preferences, so if a admin dont like by example store mounts and a user ask something related with this, just because one person (Mod) dont like it he cant receibe anything?. Is too rude give more value of opinion to one user than others.
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This is something I've been (and still am) considering. In the past, opinion-based questions were not even allowed on this site. We've changed that per request on Meta, and currently the opinion-based tag is nearly the most popular tag. I'd say if we were to implement this, none of the opinion-based questions would give points - there wouldn't be an additional distinction here.
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Thats the best way, is imposble judge is a X question (Opinion-based) deserve more than others similar questions.

The other thing is, removing the reward from the most popular tag can affect the traffic on the site?.
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Great idea! I know two other fansites with contribution systems and both has their own "Hall of Fame" with list of the owners.

Would be nice to add ammount of points to see who is the most active user over the years. It would honor TibiaQA veterans :D
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