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Guildstats.eu have nice section with owners of fansite items.There we can see list of all owners of fansite items, date when they get it, reason and photo (optional). I think it is nice idea to create new section called "Owners of Omniscient Owl".  I would like to see all owners of Omniscient Owl by choosing one section.

Source: https://guildstats.eu/fansite-item

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Some time ago Trululu had the same idea (I gave you link in a comment) and I agree, it would be very nice. I would slightly change title of this section, for example "Omniscient Owl recievers" since it's really hard to say if person who get it - still have it. Players often sell fansite items just after they got it or want to change for something else ;)
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I agree "Omniscient Owl recievers" fits better.  I saw this post but I think this idea was omitted..
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yes, but maybe people will be helpful with this :)
I know divine'angel bought owl np.
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And I still think this is a good idea.
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Completely agree its a great idea. There are a few people who will be receiving the Owl soon so it will be nice for them and having some sort of recognition thread will also be attractive to new comers as something to aim for