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Hi, I got a 100 poins penalty for plagiarism in an opinion based question , and I dont even remember the answer but when I get info from someone or somewhere normally I put something like "Source: Reddit User: MisterX".

But what means plagiarism on rules? because there is no more explanation and is something that I think that need to be clear since Plagiarism can mean many things depending on how you wanna put in context. For example if I copy and paste some parts of Tibia Wikia that plagiarism?  That rule is not clear and in my opinion 100 points penalty.... thats x2 of winning a contest. So first I got downvote a lot for a question that was legal and now I got this , so in 2 days -150 points ...

I also didnt got the chance to edit the answer to make it different from the original source, and that source dont have any rights of copyrights or something like that , so I didnt make anything ilegal , if plagiarism is penalty from taking info from another website to answer questions more than the 70% of the answers should be ilegal in this website ... So for me thats unfair , that rule is not clear and I got a several penalty without previous advice..

For me Plagiarism is for example in the fansite item contest if I stole the design of another person , and that can be considered plagiarism , but in real life is not plagiarism if the other part hasnt registered it so I dont understand how this rule on tibiaQa is working

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The penalty is well deserved, as you stole quite a big part of my guide from Tibiabosses and even graphic with bosschecking route that I have made. I'd suggest writing someting on your own instead of copying someone's hard work.

If you want to get the owl - this is not the way to go.

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I used some of your free and no registered info to complete my answer in a  opinion based question. I use part of ur guide because Im also user in TibiaBosses and I use forum and that stuff, and was in agree with your content and I saw appropiate to put it on my answer because it fits with the idea I got in that question.

My fault was not putting something like where I got the source , but dont say stole because thats a big acusation for something where I got no benefits.

Anyway I would put source if you ask me for, in real life the law says that I should put the source if the content is not original from me , and I use to do it , this time I forgot it , and it was so simple as asking me or editing the answer with the source of yours.

Thats because I say that for me is not fair the penalty , because in terms of law I just needed to put the source and that was something easy to edit and no needed to delete the answer and giving me a 100 penalty points.

I say this because in rules of conduct I saw that Plagiarism will not be tolerated and I though it was meaning to the terms of law, anyway I apologize for forgetting to put the source , I havent done it for my own benefit.

And 1 thing the image you use on your guide which appears a map of Tibia thats not yours, its an adaption from another original content that you didnt created so you dont own those rights , those rights for law are for the previous and original creator of the image you modified.

You can check all of this on https://euipo.europa.eu/ohimportal/es/web/observatory/faqs-on-copyright-el#1
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