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Hello everyone!

TibiaQA.com is proudly announcing the Fansite Banner Design contest! The goal of this contest is to design a banner that will be used to identify TibiaQA on other fansites and on the official website.

Contest rules:

  • the contest runs from 16. September 2019 00:00 CEST until 6. October 2019 23:59 CEST
  • the fansite banner suggestions must be posted as an answer to this topic
  • the fansite banner suggestions must comply with the technical/content details provided below
  • there's no limit to the number of suggestions one player can make
  • requests for clarification can be made as comments to this topic; answers should only be used to submit a contest entry

Technical details:

  • Size: 150px x 100px
  • Format: gif
  • Max weight: 65KB

Content details:

  • The banner must feature the Omniscient Owl (fansite item of TibiaQA); an in-game sprite can be used, but a re-drawn image that fits the banner style has much higher chances of winning
  • The banner should say "TibiaQA" or "TibiaQA.com" in any place
  • The banner can use minor animations (no heavy blinking etc.)
  • And of course, the banner should fit the TibiaQA style and be a good representation of the fansite
  • TibiaQA.com logos and other graphical materials can be freely used and are available for download here.

Prizes (as selected by other fansite admins and CMs)

  1. Golden Trophy of Excellence + Nightmare doll + Rune emblem of choice
  2. Silver Trophy of Excellence + Vampire doll + Rune emblem of choice
  3. Bronze Trophy of Excellence + Teddy bear + Rune emblem of choice

    Special prize (an entry selected as an official banner for TibiaQA by the TibiaQA.com staff)

    • Omniscient Owl

    Picking winners procedure:

    • The top 6 entries selected by the TibiaQA.com staff will be sent to the fansite admins and CMs for voting. Their votes will determine the 3 winners.
    • In addition to the above, the TibiaQA.com staff will select one entry on its own that will replace the current fansite banner and become the new official banner of TibiaQA. It can be any entry from the pre-selected top 6. The special prize for this is the Omniscient Owl.


    • Any entries submitted in this contest can be freely modified and used by the TibiaQA.com team at any time for the purpose of representing and advertising the TibiaQA.com fansite

    Good luck to all of the participants!
    TibiaQA.com team.

    closed with the note: The contest is over. We will announce the winners soon!
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    @Zupakode How many first places in fansite's contest you won, that you think it is so easy to do? ;) Hehe...
    @lehula dohon I don't see anything wrong with making contest, where you have to do something that requires some skills :o
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    Is not easy to win contest but I think is harder to get 4000 points.
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    Imo - nope, because contribution systems are based on being active, you're getting points and you're 100% sure that sooner or later you'll get the item. In contest you never know, and there's only one person who win :) I know people who wanted to win Midnight Panther Doll in 2015, they still trying without any results. Be respectful for somebody's work.
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    it's a shame you can't design it on a piece of paper.

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    Hi all!

    I decided to go for a minimalistic approach.

    No loop:

    Looping version:

    I've used the same colour used in TibiaQA header's background for uniformity and a clean look, white letters so that they'd stand out, and a CC font. Could be easily edited if necessary.

    Really nice contest and great entries! smiley

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