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I think is good idea put a list of when is correct use the downvote on questions/answers and when not. By example, I don't see sense downvote a question just because you dont like.

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I support this idea. If someone downvoted me, I will certainly try to improve myself in order to revert the downvote (if possible)
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I suppose we could have some kind of guidelines containing recommendations about this, but we definitely wouldn't want to enforce anything in regards to voting. The votes are meant to express a subjective opinion of the users on the questions and answers. This is a way to measure how much the question or answer is or isn't useful to the community.

The recommendations could contain an advice to post a comment together with a downvote to help the author improve the question/answer.
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As I see if you are a experimented player and know all about the game, the most part of question/answer to are are useless. So in your opinion can downvote it because at the end is about your opinion and it subjective.  With guideline you can read/know when downvote (When it be deserved), at least with examples.
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