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We have the option to hide/show the QAs but when you do it, you just keep with the decrease of downvotes and sometimes this is a total unfair. If you dont know it look this example:

My post about How get Teleport:


Question -3 votes

Answer -2 votes (I know the answer is obsolete).

And people talking about how it is bad question.

  • Daissy post about How get Teleport:


Question 1 upvotes

Answer 3 upvotes

The most funny part, I flag it and it was rejected.

So im getting downvoted by the same people who upvote the SAME QA.

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Hiding works exactly as deleting. All user points that the hidden question/answer affects are adjusted.

As for rejected flag - I'm not sure why that happened. Did you flag it as a duplicate?
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When I hide a question/answer I just get decrease of 1 point, the rest of negative points still alive.

Think on that, Im nut sure if flag it as duplicated or Inapropiate (By all the old messages about the RULES)

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Oh, you might be right about that. Anyways, hidden posts are deleted after a short amount of time anyway and that's when points on votes are recalculated
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How much time to it? is the same time to Q and A?
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The time varies. They all need to be manually reviewed so that a useful question/answer is not removed (even if it's downvoted)
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