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Hello everyone,

I'm happy to announce that fansite admins and CMs have chosen their 3 favorite contest entries. Here are the results:

  1. Lupus Aurelius
    Prize: Golden Trophy of Excellence + Nightmare doll + Rune emblem of choice
  2. Krisph
    Prize: Silver Trophy of Excellence + Vampire doll + Rune emblem of choice
  3. Trululu Gumdrops
    Prize: Bronze Trophy of Excellence + Teddy bear + Rune emblem of choice

Additionally, as announced before, the special prize (Omniscient Owl) goes to Lupus Aurelius for having his contest entry chosen as a new fansite banner for TibiaQA!

Thanks everyone for your amazing entries! Winners, please send an e-mail to tibiaqa.adm@gmail.com with a choice of your rune emblem and a chracter name and game world you wish to receive your prize on. Congrats!

Best regards,
The TibiaQA.com team

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This contest was awesome!

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Thank you very much once again, and congratulations to the winners and all those who took part of the contest. E-mail sent.
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Thank you guys so much for second prize! :D

Was alot of fun creating the banners, also big grats to Lupus Aurelius for the big prize!
Well done everyone participating aswell, it was fun to see such good variation in creativity! 

(Email sent)

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Congratulations to the winners!
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Thanks again for the wonderful prize!
It was also my birthday when you announced the winners so that was a pretty cool ingame gift ^^

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Congratulations to the winners! And to the rest of the contestants! Very nice designs, people put indeed a lot of work into this. :)
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Very nice choice! :)
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WTF I dont see it (Too much work DX). LOL!
Thanks you by the msg @Krisph.
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You're welcome, although it was difficult to get in contact with etien to forward the message to you lol
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Yes, he send me a WS, really thanks again.
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Glad you finally received the info :) I've tried contacting you via e-mail and Discord, but with no luck
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