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Hello everyone

TibiaQA.com will be interviewing Laethye - the Game Content Designer of Tibia. Here's your opportunity to suggest questions that we will be submitting to her. Please note, that it's better if questions are related to the scope of her work as she won't be able to answer questions unrelated to her department. She is part of the content team, and therefore involved in all areas that the team handles, however, her focus is a bit on items and monsters.

Also please note that CipSoft employees won't provide any spoilers or clues for quests or upcoming updates, so there's no point in asking about this either.

Authors of the best questions, that are forwarded to Laethye, will be rewarded with 10 bonus points on TibiaQA and 10 bonus points on Meta. There's no limit to the number of questions one user can suggest.

The interview will be published after we receive the answers.

We are looking forward to your interview question suggestions!
The TibiaQA.com team

closed with the note: Questions were forwarded and all users that suggested questions were rewarded!
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How many time we have to post the questions?
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I'll be forwarding the questions in around 3 weeks
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Wow. I have to say, Laethye is a great choice for an interview.
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Has the idea of a new vocation ever been considered in Tibia for in the future? eg Duel weapon vocation (Assassin?) or something else?

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- How many (Just numbers) uncompleted quest exist on Tibia at this day?
- Why the Opticording quest was release in parts and not as fully normal quest? How you development this quest in particular?
- On all your work made to Cipsoft, what feel more proud to make and what you dislike more?
- How do you chose what type of quest, cities, creatures do you gonna developmetn to te next update?
- You think what do in every update or have some updates decied in order?
- How the covid affected the development of the game?
- How you write the lore, change in every update or have something more extended done (To various updates)?
- Why some updates have some feeling like copy/paste by example 3 colors of Spectres and 3 Colors of Lost soul?
- Why you never do a full set with the same style for a vocation (I know existed but the latest one have years)?
- What was your first job on Tibia?
- What is your favorite item, monster and why?
-Where you get the idea of make by eg Falcon Set or Jungle Set?

I going add more in the days.
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- How did you get the job at Cipsoft?

- Was the Content Designer position the first one you got at Cipsoft? If not what other positions have you had?

- How do you feel about the Content Designer position? What is the best experience for you and what do you hate?

- Your nickname is Laethye. Can you tell us what is the origin of this name?

- Do you visit sometimes fansites like TibiaQA?

- How do you work with the other members of the Content Team?

- Tibia's 25th anniversary is coming up. Do you (Cipsoft) plan to celebrate it according to tradition and can you tell us what players can expect from this event?

- What would you say to players who don't look at the level number but enjoy the game by exploring its story, looking for secrets and riddles?

- You are focused on items and monsters. Tell us if any of the items and monsters have special meaning to you. If so, explain why?
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I like all your questions, I'll try to think of some myself a little later
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  1. I heard items that you can "use with" sometimes don't have any use in the game. For example, the Mysterious Fetish used to be sacrificed to get out of Draconia but has since been replaced by a White Mushroom but you can still "use with". Or perhaps the Blood Skull with maybe no known purpose if any. This can be misleading, what are your thoughts on this and what is the purpose of leaving items the option of "use with".
  2. (I've seen this question asked before in another interview but maybe a fresh answer to it would be nice?) Currently, some items like the Winged Helmet can not be obtained anymore, what are your thoughts on unobtainables and do you know if they'll be reintroduced in-game?
  3. Are there any games, books, tv shows, etc that inspire your Tibian creations? If so, which?
  4. How come some quests show not completed in the quest log even though they seem to be completed? For example, The Hidden City of Beregar Quest?
  5. I know you must be busy, but what do you enjoy about Tibia when you have the time to play?
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Treasure rooms are often used for the decoration of new cities and can be an amazing view of exclusive items that we can only dream about. What is your favorite treasure room in Tibia and why?

We can get some ice cream in Venore (it melts incredibly fast, though!) and also battling in Svargrond at the classical arenas may award you with beautiful ice cream cones. Why we got so many amazing ice cream cones that were carefully designed but never made available to players? Many players love ice cream and want new flavors!!

Could you tell us a nice story related to legacy quests or references to older content that can be seen by players nowadays and stayed in Tibia as a tribute to content designers from the past? If you know more than one that it is not widely know, we would love to read!

There was also a time in Tibia were content designers were also players! What do you think about that specific period in Tibia and how Cipsoft uses the feedback from players nowadays to enhance the creation of new content?
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  • There are some undiscovered achievements (and possibly quests too) in Tibia. Is regular testing performed on these after updates to validate they still work? The situation that comes to mind is the Transmutator achievement. Many people spent countless hours looking into unlocking these secrets and turns out this one was unobtainable for 10 years.
  • What was the intended way to unlock "Unlikely Pathfinder"?
  • When balancing is performed (generally to nerf spawns) are other spawns considered? What comes to mind is the Ferumbras Ascension. When these spawns were nerfed the most affected creatures were the PoI creatures instead of the one unique to this area (Hellflayer, Vexclaw, Grimeleech). This caused changes to PoI, Oramond Dungeon, and Inquisition.
  • Why is spawn balancing only ever a change in exp/loot instead of a spawn's density?
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Old Content Tibia Questions

Disclaimer: I have to clarifiy that i separed old content as everything that were released before 2012-2015.

If we go to the old mobs/respawns/cities on tibia, we could notice most of those things are outdated, from raids to respawns, even simply the mobs rates/stats/mechanics are outdated, then we have this brand new content from years later that is simply better and more comfortable, content that become introduced on the middle of the old content generating a notorious discrepancy on tibia, from lore to gameplay, from mechanism to rates, everything released on new content, even the content aimed to low lvls, is considerably better than almost everything that exists on the old content even when those mobs got loot/exp improvements, a quick example is stone refiners/coryms against dark cathedral or whatever "f2p" content or for example mother of ancient scarab lair/lions mountain against the old content pre 100. Thais/Carlin/PH raids where the city is being threatened by mobs that aren't a trouble anymore in the gameplay nor the lore, on thais exists MOTA with stronger mobs, on carlin the cults, on PH bursters, and surprinsingly those cities only are threatened by orcs, trolls wasp or lizards. finally things like that on mintwallin we have minotaurs lvl 20, which surprisingly in all this years never changed but we also have cults who are at least 10 times stronger. considering the lore of such place those cults doesn't fit on the place at all.

 why does exists this discrepancy?

why cipsoft create respawns that produce the same creature products than old mobs  but with better rate and better respawn forcing to those old respawns to become worthless? (giant spiders/crystal spiders, vampires, bats, dwarfs, minotaurs, elves, orcs, etc).

Why feels like cipsoft  don't want to mess up with the old content at all? when we talk about a trouble, cipsoft come with a solution that mostly is creating some new place with probably new mobs instead of improving the old places, some old and hard access places/mobs are simply useless due that.

With this same train of thoughts, why instead of creating new respawns (specially for low lvl players -200) dont you revamp the old content reworking the old map/mobs? the old map of tibia is huge with long caves and far places that are simply non worthy, feels like tibia is separed into 2 players, those who want to play rpg which takes years playing on old tibia, and those who want to get top, wars, etc with fasters respawn, better loot, better exp, everything easy access and comfortable.

Items Questions

What do you think about Regeneration items/system? food, renegeration rings, shield, etc. those systems feels so outdated that even players from above 200 don't even use them due are "worthless"

What do you think about Potions?
There is any plan to improve the Potion regeneration with a more consistent way to get mana and hp without perma using pots? (specially for EK, those players have to keep spamming pots even the SMP due that).

What do you think about imbuements?
Why Cipsoft created such a game changer?
Considering that due that improvement several respawns become more worthy than intended, There is any plan into turning it more consistent?

What do you think about the looting system?

What do you think about runes?
Do you consider adequate the runes right now? specially aoe runes, SD or even any target damage rune like hmm, lmm, holymm, uh, ih.

New Content Questions

Why,cipsoft keep releasing spawns/mobs that are so profittable? we had some balancing updates where cipsoft said that those respawns were too much profitable either on exp or loot, even separed them per aim, then few months later cipsoft release content that is simply better than the nerfed content prior nerf.

What was the goal for eldritch items? how you feel about the feedback about those items

Why almost all bows have imbuements slot, while various crossbow haven't or have less imbuements in comparison?

What do you think about spears/stars performing against bows/cross with imbuements?


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got some excellent material here! Thanks!
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I don't know if i have time to write new questions, but i will try:

  1. Are there plans for renewing some old sprites? Like for example the trees, mountains, Ankrahmun pyramids or maybe the old wooden floors? 
  2. What program do you often like to use to draw sprites?
  3. Do you create the monsters/items in your team, or you just receive the concept and put in the game graphics? If your team creates, do you have some inspiration on movies, books, or even another games?
  4. There are some sprites that entered in the game's archives but we never saw ingame (not even in treasure rooms), why?
  5. Are there plans for changing the sprites of some nonsense items like the hive task items? Some of them are just a reutilization of some non related sprites, like for example an egg.
  6. What is your favorite fansite item?
  7. Is there something you want to change in the monsters/items design but you can't?
  8. Do you play the game?
  9. The Fabulous legs and the Soulful legs had different sprites when they got added to the game, but you have changed them to the actual look. Did you decide to change by yourself or by the community's reproval?