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Hello everyone

TibiaQA.com will be interviewing Solkrin - the lead of the Customer Support team in Tibia. Here's your opportunity to suggest questions we will submit to him. Please note, that it's better if questions are related to the scope of his work as he won't be able to answer questions unrelated to his department.

Solkrin and his department are responsible for

  • Monitoring and answering e-mails and tickets from players
  • Checking and answering posts on support boards
  • Reviewing reports and rule enforcement
  • Game guides / FAQs on the Tibia website
  • Bug reports (before they go to the test team)
  • Managing the customer support team
  • Defining workflows and guidelines
  • Administration of the ticketing system
  • Updating documentation

Also please note that CipSoft employees won't provide any spoilers or clues for quests or upcoming updates, so there's no point in asking about this. There's no limit to the number of questions one user can suggest.

The interview will be published after we receive the answers.

We are looking forward to your interview question suggestions!
The TibiaQA.com team

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What would be best way of reporting an insult/other rule violation if perpetrator purposely split it into multiple statements so that every single one alone is not really reportable? Report first and add comment to check following ones?
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@owul - an answer to your question is already available in the official Tibia FAQ. Check here - https://www.tibia.com/support/?subtopic=gethelp&entryid=66

"Please check if you have entered everything correctly. Click on "Submit" to send your report to customer support. Note that 3 minutes of the chat log made in this channel before and 1 minute after the reported statement will be sent along with the report."

So when you are reporting a statement it's not only the single line that is sent for review but also additional context before/after the statement you report.
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When goig release the interview?
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Not sure - we are still processing the questions. My best guess would be around mid-November

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- What was the most incredible bug report that ever reached your knowledge? Like, one that you believed only after seeing the investigation results.

- Are there any plans for Cipsoft to improve the overall ticketing system? It seems hard to reach such feature if you are a new player... Maybe one day shall we be able to create a ticket from the client itself?

- Is there any hilarious or funny moment related to your experience reading posts from the Support Board that you can share with us? I believe that many people agree that Tibia players can be very "creative" when requesting help in this board...

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  • What is you most crazy anecdote from a player asking something in the support email?
  • Whats the regular steps, when you got a report for botting or bug in game?
  • Do you got too much emails about dominado problems?
  • Do you got too much emails about Djair and Bobbek issues?