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I see a lot of duplicate questions that are clearly a duplicate and they choose best answer after the flag even knowing their a duplicate. I don't think points should be awarded or deducted from duplicate questions as the other question should have the glory of the points. I know questions can be asked in many different ways but I don't think it's right. I myself have asked duplicate questions without knowing, but after brought to my attention I realize it's a mistake. Maybe if the question is closed as duplicate that's when the points shouldn't matter? Just to be on the safe side. I've just been seeing this daily is why I'm kinda confused about it.

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Fair enough. I wouldn't give downvotes for duplicated questions (it often happens), because nowadays it is hard to avoid duplicates... but I agree, it shouldn't be rewarded.

On the other hand I wonder is it possible to move answers from duplicated questions to the the old ones, because sometimes duplicated questions have better and wider answers compared to those asked as first.
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yes sometimes it so hard to swift through questions to make sure yours isn't duplicate. and yes, i agree, but the attention should be on the original question rather than the duplicate. i like how it gets linked to the original question when flagged, but usually when its flagged i won't read answers cuz I go to the original. would be cool if they turned into answers on the original instead of being on the duplicate still~
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