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I'm not sure if we should merge these tags or leave them as is. Of course, they're a little different but not by much. Sometimes it's hard to pick between one or the other-

  • Map or Maps
  • Decoration or Decorating

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I merged the tag map into maps - no doubts here.

For decoration and decorating I was on the fence, since you can ask about decoration (items) and decorating (act), however I noticed that in many cases decorating tag was used for questions about items (decorations) and vice-versa, so clearly the distinction was not preserved. I merged those two tags into decorations.

Thanks for the suggestions!

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Decorating can be easily marked with opinion based in the major of case, so I now sure about it.
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Some things can be valid like "What items can I use instead of carpets in home decorating?" But saying "What's the best store decoration?" is opinion-based
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