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TibiaQA.com is happy to announce the fansite item design contest! The goal of this contest is to create a fansite item that will represent the TibiaQA.com fansite and that will be used as a prize for future fansite contests.

Contest rules:

  • the contest runs from 4. January 00:01 CET, and the entries are accepted until 2. February 23:59 CET
  • the fansite item suggestions must be posted as an answer to this topic
  • the fansite item suggestions must comply with the technical/content details provided below
  • the fansite item must somehow refer to TibiaQA but it's up to the contestant to decide on the final suggestion and design; Will it be a golden question mark? An emblem of the best answer? A scroll of a perfect question? Everything is up to the contestant and own, creative ideas are most welcome
  • there's no limit to the number of suggestions one player can make
  • only complete entries (graphical item design + description + weight) will be considered as valid entries
  • requests for clarification can be made as comments to this topic; answers should only be used to submit a contest entry

Technical/content details:

  • size: 32 x 32 pixel
  • it can be animated but may contain 64 frames at most
  • each frame can have a different exposure time (which is usually at around 100 to 200 ms per frame)
  • if you want pauses within the animation, do not include the same frame multiple times in a row, but instead increase the exposure time for this specific frame
  • it needs to be on a transparent background (1-bit transparency only)
  • if it is animated, you only need to supply an animated GIF of the item; otherwise, it needs to be saved as a 24bit PNG file
  • it needs to fit into Tibia's setting
  • it should not contain any direct references to a country, e.g. a Brazilian flag
  • it's a deco or fun item only, it will not change any character skills or stats
  • it needs to be a takeable item, for example, it cannot be solid furniture, but a bedside lamp would be alright
  • it needs to have dark outlines
  • it shouldn't be too different from other Tibia items

The entry should contain the following elements:

  • the graphical design
  • the item description
  • weight
  • optionally, an explanation of behavior when the item is used (one of: makes a sound, has small effects, is rewritable)
  • optionally, a color of the light it makes (if the item glows in the dark)

Winners selection:

  • the three winners will be selected solely by the TibiaQA.com team
  • the winning entries will be forwarded to the content team for verification
  • if the first choice entry cannot be implemented, the second choice entry will be verified, and if it also cannot be implemented, the third choice entry is verified


  1. fansite item (once it's in game) + medal of honour + 30 days of premium time
  2. tome of choice + royal medal
  3. yellow rose + heavy medal


  • The item design and the proposed item description and behavior are a subject to change both by TibiaQA.com team and CipSoft before they are implemented in game
  • An author of the entry that wins and makes it into the game will need to sign a disclaimer that the artwork belongs to him and that he grants CipSoft the rights to edit and publish it.

Update 8 Jan 2019: Plagiarism will not be tolerated! As stated above, the winner has to sign, that the entry belongs to them. If any entries are found to contain stolen content (either as a whole or even small parts), they will be immediately disqualified.

Good luck!
The TibiaQA.com team.

closed with the note: The time to submit the entries is over. We will announce the winners in the course of the next week. Thanks everyone for the amazing designs!
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Is the item on game already?

53 Answers

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Nice mirror, just need sprite to the wall.
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Good sprite!
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Good sprite!
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Is a skeleton hand?
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well... I wanted it to look like a thin old hand of a witch...  I guess I didnt make it since you had to ask hehehe
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Esfinge's Doll


(unfortunately i couldn't find time to make a used version for it)        

Description: You see a Esfinge's Doll. It weighs 8.18 oz. Symbol of curiosity awarded by TibiaQA.

Sounds: "Make me a question, <character name>!"; "I'm older than all of you!!!"; "What?! Where is my nose?"; "I'm curious to know what are you thinking!"; "Take me to Ankrahmun and i'll answer your question."; "Arkhothep? Don't play with him."; "Ashmunrah? Keep your eyes open."; "Bring me a Helmet of the Ancients and i'll think about it"; "Skeletons? Where?".

Light: orange, 3 SQM


Character name: Blush

World: Luminera

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Really nice idea, with a good use this can won.
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Thank you for the support. It was really cool work on this doll. She doesn't have a used version, but her eyes still blink heheh
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Name: The Everlasting Grimoire

Weight: 21.11oz

Description: You see The Everlasting Grimoire. It wheighs 21.11oz.  This tome of infinite wisdom seems to have developed a conscience of it's own. Awarded By TibiaQA.com

Messages when used? Yes, depends on stage...

Stage 1: Raise the Dead Spell


So you're into necromancy?

To raise the dead? Oh! can i suggest someone in particular?

Stage 2: How to Summon a Dragon


Yeah, they come in full size... 

Majestic creatures indeed, but keep their fire away from me!

Stage 3: How to Master all Elements


Careful, the last human who tried this went mad... poor Ferumbras... 

I'm telling you, you're not strong enough...  

Stage 4: To forget a lover...


We've all lost  someone in battle, so sad, so true...

A broken heart? It'll hurt, but i can heal you.

It has four stages, and goes from one to another every time you use it. 

Character: Titan of Tsunami
World: Lobera

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Please make the cover blue...
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Think in add a cover no only pages.
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It has a cover... but is red so it doesn't fully read... which is why i said that blue would be better... I was running out of time to upload.
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oh, but you didnt uploaded the cover, not even the red one.

Anyway I like your design, even if it has not cover, one of my top 3 :)
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Oh but you mean like a closed stage? wasn't going for that... i was going for the idea of a book whos resting there with all the answers to your problems... i really would have loved to have time to make a few more spells though... and well explore ways to make the cover more visible, i didn't realized the red didn't read until I uploaded. And thank you, i'm so glad you like it :3
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  • Dagger of  Questioning  or Sword of Unanswored Question's
  • 20 oz.  or  65 oz.
  • You used the item. Now all your questions will be answered.   or By using it it randomly sends a sentence with random question.
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Its good start but work more in details, effects and shading.
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Name: Questioning Ball

Weight: 7.00 oz.

Message when used: "Q: Where you can find any answer? A: TibiaQA.com!", "Ahh, I see you look for more answers, don't you?"

Description: Everything you want to learn, this Artifact can show you. Awarded to the Masterminds of TibiaQA.com.

Effects:  Everytime you use, it rerolls and change the inner color.

Light Color: Yellow / Red / Blue (Depends of the inner color), 3sqm range

Sent by: Derigard

World: Astera

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The sprite is good but if you dont use it just look like big black ball. Change the center part to something more attractive.
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Name: Doll of Wisdom

Weight: 17.00 oz.

Description: Symbol of knowledge, this owl can lead you safely to the truths about Tibia. Awarded by TibiaQA.com.

Message when used:  "What do you want to know?", "Ask a question..." "I can show you the way!" and "UUU! UHU!"

Sent by: Pucca Slayer Tafin

World: Pacera

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Good doll, you can apply effect like open/close eyes.
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Name/Weight: You see owl doll. It weighs 19.95 oz.

Description: From a distance looks a lil' bit creepy, but it's just an talking doll. Awarded by TibiaQA.com.

Message When Used: 

  • "I'm feathery kn-OWL-edge!"
  • "PRRR!"
  • "I know WHo-Who.  "Let me sleep, I have to think. HOO!!"

Light Color: Aqua (4 sqm)

Equipable: Arrow slot

InGame Image

Sent By: Hannzo

World: Refugia

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i really like the color of this owl
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Good owl, think o add little sprak on the ?.
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