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In order to celebrate the Fansite Appreciation Day, Tibia fansites have decided to host a contest together for the whole Tibian community! As a part of this contest, your task is to dress like a tibian boss. Here are the details.

How to participate

  1. Create an outfit and any additional accessories that best reflect the tibian boss - Last Lore Keeper - in real life
  2. Take a picture of yourself wearing the outfit
  3. Submit this picture as an answer to this topic by the end of April 7, 2022, 23:59 CEST

Choosing winners

The TibiaQA.com team will review all the contest entries and pick their favorite one during the voting. We expect to announce the winner within a week of the contest deadline.


1. Omniscient Owl image


  • Each user can submit one entry to this contest (however, you are allowed to participate with other fansites as well)
  • TibiaQA staff cannot participate in the contest (however, they can participate with other fansites)

Good luck!
In case of any questions regarding the contest, you can place them in a comment.

closed with the note: The contest is over. We will announce the winner early next week!
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I actually at first thought it was premature Prima Aprilis ;X
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this is freaking amazing!!
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Good Luck to all how fun! :)
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@Idonknow Why? :o We had the same contest on TibiaBosses in 2019 and it was super fun!
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It was just a coincidence of the events... :D 1. It was 7 am for me (sleepy head) and before my first coffee; 2. It was displayed few min before Tibia news were updated with forum (or I did not see because It focused on tibia stickers); 3. It was aberrant to usual contests hold by TibiaQa, so my brain was... something is ain't right... :D Don't get me wrong, I am not saying it is bad idea and no fun - I actually look forward to see the results of it ^^ btw. I love Prima Aprilis jokes and would still appreciate & like if it would be the one

3 Answers

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Last Lore Keeper by Mangusia- Antica

Last Lore Keeper by Mangusia-Antica

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Allis - Gentebra

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Black poison / Quintera

More photos and gift: https://imgur.com/gallery/dWkAQhn

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My personal favourite due to details follow.
Offtop - the actress is quite hot.