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Hello everyone,

I'm happy to say that we've got the final results of the What makes a good question and answer contest! Here they are

  1. entry by Violetissime
  2. entry by Pochwalona
  3. entry by Zupakode

The following prizes will be sent to you:

  1. Golden Trophy of Excellence + Badge of Glory + Rune Emblem of choice + 50 reputation points on TibiaQA
  2. Silver Trophy of Excellence + Elven Trophy + Rune Emblem of choice + 25 reputation points on TibiaQA
  3. Bronze Trophy of Excellence + Rune Emblem of choice + 15 reputation points on TibiaQA

@Winners - please send an e-mail to tibiaqa.adm@gmail.com with your character name, game world and the choice of your rune emblem! Make sure to use the e-mail address assigned to your TibiaQA account. The bonus points will be assigned shortly!

Thanks everyone for participating! The entries were amazing

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Can you share the place 4 and 5?

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!! :DD Thanks!! and congratulations to the 1st and 2nd winners totally deserved.
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Congratz winners! Amazing work! I found hard to participante myown... My english skills are not good enough lol. Still you all deserved It ^^
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Congratulations to the winners :) Really great work angel

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Wow, many thanks! I am honoured and flattered by the result! :)

Congratulations to the winners and all the participants, very nice entries!
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Thanks a lot and congratz to the rest of winners :) God job!
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