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The TibiaQA.com team is happy to announce the What makes a good question & answer? contest! The goal of this contest is to help other users understand what is desired and valued by the community in TibiaQA questions and answer, as well as to improve our Help Center with useful guides on asking and answering questions.

Contest rules

  1. The deadline for submissions is 25. August 2019, 23:59 CEST
  2. Players participate by posting both in What makes a good question? and What makes a good answer? topics; Only answering in both topics is a complete contest entry!
  3. The posts in both of those topics are meant to contain useful tips and hints on what makes questions and answers valuable and of high-quality
  4. The posts in those topics can take absolutely any form - they can be a bullet-list, an essay, an infographic, a poster, a video, or a combination of styles - the only rule is that it needs to fit into a single post
  5. The whole entry needs to be in the English language
  6. Only one post in each of those topics is allowed from a single user
  7. TibiaQA.com team cannot participate in the contest


  1. Golden Trophy of Excellence + Badge of Glory + Rune Emblem of choice + 50 reputation points on TibiaQA
  2. Silver Trophy of Excellence + Elven Trophy + Rune Emblem of choice + 25 reputation points on TibiaQA
  3. Bronze Trophy of Excellence + Rune Emblem of choice + 15 reputation points on TibiaQA

Selecting top entries

  • The TibiaQA.com team will select top 5 entries (each entry is two posts from a single player - one in topic for questions, and one in topic for answers) and forward those entries to CMs and Fansite admins
  • CM and Fansite admin votes will determine the top 3 that will be rewarded
  • The final results are expected to be announced on 31. August 2019

Note: By participating in this contest, you agree that your contest entries can be used by TibiaQA to enhance the Help Center, no matter if your contest entry wins or not.

Please do not post contest entries in this topic. Contest entries are supposed to be posted in What makes a good question? and What makes a good answer?. Feel free to use this topic to ask any questions about the contest itself.

We are looking forward for creative ideas and awesome entries!

The TibiaQA.com team

closed with the note: The contest is over.
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Update: The final results will not be announced before September, 4. Sorry for the delay!
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Results coming today?

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Sounds like an awesome contest!

Is it possible to edit the messages before the deadline is reached?
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Yes, you can edit your posts to modify/add/remove stuff as you wish for the whole duration of the contest :)
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By the gods Umand and Fardos, please make an update (More) on the reputation points and give at least some reputation points to the place 4 and 5.