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Hello, TibiaQA community!

The quality and correctness of answers available on TibiaQA is a crucial factor. A knowledge base filled with incorrect information would be of little use to anyone. Therefore, the TibiaQA team is constantly looking for improvements in this area. Today, we'd like to share with you the concept of Experts as a staff role in the TibiaQA team. This is currently still just an idea, and we would love to hear your opinions on the matter.

So, who would be experts?

Experts would be TibiaQA staff members, who have extraordinary knowledge about the game. They would be recruited just like any other staff members.

What would experts do?

Their main task would be to make sure we, as a fansite, provide the best answers possible. This means they would focus on finding answers to unanswered questions, validating already provided answers, voting on answers, or editing existing answers for clarity. They could also be given some additional privileges, like the ability to override the best answer, if they find the current best answer is incorrect or selecting the best answer in questions that don't have one selected.

What would be the requirements?

As mentioned in the role description, they would need to have huge knowledge about the game. We could put some basic checks in place, like minimum one character of level 500+ or at least level 3 tutor, however, there would likely need to be additional checks too.

What would be the benefits?

Similar to other staff members: free premium time, diamond mark for recognition, Omniscient Owl, no ads on TibiaQA

What do you think about this concept? Let us know your thoughts!
The TibiaQA.com team

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i wouldn't say im an expert on tibia, but i can really discuss the lvl 500 part (if ever were a req), i think that having basic/advanced knowledge depends a lot more on your quest log/achievements or whatever else that could demostrate enthutiasm/willing to enjoy/discover/learn about tibia, since lvl 500 is a not so easily achievable thing if you often to solo play, is easier to be bought, and doesn't mean that you actually know about the game or even that you care of it, but mean that you often to go hunt which is the most basic part of tibia, is more a reason to be discouraged that a reason to demostrate knowledge/worthness in my opinion.

About the role itself, i find it enjoyable, there are several users/tibia enjoyers that simply deserve it due their valuable efforts, would also fix the trouble about old questions that never get a best answer or a bad answer chosen, but then bring me back to the criteria to choose who is an "expert" of tibiaqa, i think it should be thought and considered based on their knowledge shown rather than other thing.

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I love the idea and think it's very much needed to have an improvement on the best answer selection. I have some questions-

  1.  It would be awesome if moderators could also lend help in this aspect of TibiaQA if they choose to. I know then it would cross a line into another role and I could see how the two roles need to be separated but I would love myself to have the ability to help if need be so I'm wondering what the stance is on that? Can moderators be experts and also moderators at the same time or would they have to be only 1 role? If this is the case where they can be in both roles, should they be allowed to have the opportunity to also earn additional benefits including another owl?
  2.  Of course, not everyone knows everything and sometimes others can know more in one category than another (for example maybe they lack the knowledge of hunting/equipment but have excellent knowledge in achievements) so I'm wondering if experts need to be an expert on every category or can choose to obviously only help with what they know.
  3. Should experts be allowed to choose their own answer as the best answer? Or should they let another expert handle the selection. I see no problem with them being allowed to as long as it isn't abused or incorrect obviously.
  4. What should we do if we dispute the best answer selection with what the expert picked? Would we post on TibiaQA Meta, send feedback, comment, or should there be a flag of somesort to dispute? Either as the owner as a question or just a bystander.
  5. What if we notice a question needs to have a new best answer selection, like the question I asked before would we post on TibiaQA Meta, send feedback, comment, or should their be a flag of somesort?
  6. How many experts would be needed or selected to improve TibiaQA? A max of 3 experts?
  7. What's the duration if a question becomes outdated simply due to a recent update? For example, when a current best answer was correct but needs to edit the answer simply due to an update how much time would be allowed to go by in order for the expert to choose another best answer? Should they be allowed to remove this answer from the best answer right away until an update is made? Or if another user posts a correct answer the same day of the update should the expert be allowed to change best answer?
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I think it would be best if the two roles - moderators and experts were separate. Nothing is set in stone yet though. Category experts are also not something I had in mind, but it might make sense to recruit players with different interests - e.g. power gaming experts, achievement-focused experts, etc. Specific guidelines for experts are also still up for discussion.

Edits and work of experts could be monitored through the moderation center, similar to how other post edits can currently be tracked there. If it turns out expansion to the moderation center is necessary to follow anything better, we will consider introducing it.

Finally, I feel that we should expand our flagging system so that it allows marking posts that require regular update/maintenance (like the mentioned updates). Currently, flags can only be used for posts that violate our guidelines.
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I like it!

Looks like can be a good and useful new ''tool'' to all users.

Do you think on add as requirements certain points on the TibiaQA system?

About the level 500 requeriments is really useles, when you can buy it. By eg I have level 400 but have more achiemevets than levels 800+ and on this point im only missing the bosses from secret library and soul war, I killed even rares like ancient spaw of morgatha and hard ones like last lore keeper. So the level on these days dont means nothing.
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Since the issue of the required 500 lvl is controversial, I would like to defend this idea.

I want to note that with the current opportunities that Tibia gives us, level 500 can be achieved easily starting from scratch in a year (players who love pg would say 2 months), and considering that the top levels in the game have already exceeded 2,000 this is no extraordinary lvl. It's hard to even call it a "mid-lvl".

Content introduced by CipSoft is increasingly adjusted to higher lvls, where 500 level is still not enough and often without a specially organized service we will not be able to cope with new quests and monsters. How then can you be an expert without being able to personally test half of the new content? Such a low-level player with a typical RPG attitude to the game may be an expert in a particular field. On the other hand, he will immediately fall down on the most general knowledge related to PG, and new content. Perhaps experts in various fields would be a good solution here? In this case, experts associated with, for example, house decorations, world events, or Tibia lore could be exempted from this requirement.

TibiaQA is a fansite designed for every Tibia player, so the knowledge presented here should not be limited to a low lvl perspective. Unfortunately, some answers (even awarded), while seemingly comprehensive, are often written by people with a level of 200-300, making them not only incomplete but from the perspective of a higher lvl person, simply wrong and misleading. I believe that on TibiaQA there is a lack of knowledge from the point of view of higher lvls, especially in the topics of equipment selection, hunts, and generally about PG.

@Trululu Gumdrops

You refer to the number of achievements - I would like to point out that Tibia is not a game about getting achievements. It's just a fraction that a minority is interested in. I have over 100 points more without being an achievement hunter - perhaps my lvl and wider capabilities have an impact here?
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Tibia is the game you want it to be. The point with the achievements is  that allows you to do and learn about things in the game that most of players don't know or just dnt care (Nonsense like preparing a cake or doing X little-known mission because it doesn't give a good reward) and as I say on this point all is affordable with cash, level, achievements, skills...
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Of course, I understand that these days levels, achievements, and many other things can simply be bought with cash in this game, but I don't want to go too far off-topic, because that's not what I wrote about. Just because I can buy myself a 1500 lvl tomorrow doesn't mean that someone who manually achieved 400 lvl knows enough about this game to be an expert. This lvl is not needed as long as the expert roles would be defined, such as achievement expert, or decoration expert. But I wouldn't want the game to be taught by a person with 3x lower lvl than me, who hasn't even done the quest he's commenting on or has never hunted on the places I hunt on.
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