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Hello everyone,

the voting is over and I'm happy to announce the winners of the Tibia Expert contest. The top 6 entries have been preselected and forwarded to CMs and other fansite admins for voting. Here are the final results of their votes:

How do the mechanics that allow monsters to kill other monsters work?
Author: Mogh
Prize: Omniscient Owl + Yellow Rose + Golden Trophy of Excellence + Rune emblem of choice + 75 bonus reputation points on TibiaQA

How should I read the speed breakpoints table and how does it affect the game visually?
Author: Master Player
Prize: Silver Trophy of Excellence + Hero's medal + Rune emblem of choice + 50 bonus reputation points on TibiaQA

What are all the quick bosstiary points?
Author: Fanjita
Prize: Bronze Trophy of Excellence + Elven trophy + Rune emblem of choice + 25 bonus reputation points on TibiaQA

@Winners - please send an e-mail to tibiaqa.adm@gmail.com with your character name, game world, and the choice of your rune emblem! Make sure to use the e-mail address assigned to your TibiaQA account. The bonus points have already been assigned.

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I am in shock. This is the first time I have won such fantastic prizes. It was a very tough competition and I honestly didn't expect to get on the podium. The competitive entries were at a very high level. Thank you very much TibiaQA. I am honored and at the same time congratulate the second and third place winners. I am happy to be a member of such a great community ! Thank you TibiaQA once again!
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Good work Mogh and all the other awesome entries!:)
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Gratz to You Mogh! :) well deserved for all of your knowledge about this game!
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Thank you Tynusiiaa and Shawtay. Now I am waiting for Owl. I will definitely show it on screenshot :)

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Congrats to the winners! Well deserved :)) !
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Congrats to the winners and all the entries!

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Thank you TibiaQA again. Winning this contest is an honor for me. The fantastic prizes from the contest are already in my tiny house :)

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beautiful house!
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Thank you. The Owl, however, tells me that she is cramped and it is worth considering a new house :)
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ale ładna kolekcja! ale rzeczywiscie, juz brakuje miejsca :)
ps. bardzo fajnie się patrzy na to, że trzymasz przedmioty w swojej kolekcji które osiągnąłeś i ich nie sprzedajesz!
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Bardzo dziękuję (Thank you very much) :)
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Congratulations! Will we be able to see the whole top? It would be nice to see what entries have the most chances, what are the criteria etc. Very nice contest btw.!
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Sorry no we won't share whole top - Ellotris answered this in TibiaQA's discord
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