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I want to know if is possible to post a question about cipsoft posture regarding Open Tibia server on TibiaQA, my question is:

It's against the rules of tibia to use Open Tibia servers for creative/testing purposes only?

Since most of these server use leaked information I'm unsure if such question goes against TibiaQA rules per se

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general questions, like whether open tibia servers are legal/allowed according to the Tibia Rules or the Tibia service agreement are allowed on TibiaQA. See an example of such a question here - https://www.tibiaqa.com/30983/can-fansites-advertise-ots-related-content

If you were to ask detailed questions, like "how to play on an open tibia server?" or "how to level up on an OTS X?" that would not be allowed.

Hope that clears it out :)
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i knew i had read about it before but didn't found the question before that example so i had to double check, tysm.