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TibiaQA.com is proudly announcing the fifth edition of the Question Revival contest! The contest aims to increase the quality of answers to the existing questions.

How to participate?

  1. Browse through questions that were asked before 1. January 2024; pay special attention to:
    - Unanswered questions
    - Questions without any upvoted answer
    - Questions without the best answer selected
    - Hot Questions
    - Questions with most views
    - Questions with most votes
  2. Answer those questions, if they don't have any solid answers yet. Substantial edits to your existing answer are allowed as well.
  3. Post a link to your answer on this topic (max 3 answers per user).

Contest rules:

  • The contest runs from 24. March 2024 00:01 CET, until 21. April 2024 23:59 CEST
  • Users participate by answering questions and submitting their entries as detailed in the section above - How to participate
  • All posted content must follow TibiaQA guidelines - answers that fail to do so will be removed and will not participate in the contest
  • Answers that are identical to already existing ones or very similar will be removed at once and will not participate in the contest
  • TibiaQA.com staff cannot participate in the contest


  1. Pick one: Yellow Rose OR Omniscient Owl + Golden Warrior Trophy
  2. Remaining prize: Yellow Rose OR Omniscient Owl + Silver Warrior Trophy
  3. Badge of Glory + Rune Emblem of choice + Bronze Warrior Trophy
  4. Elven Trophy + Rune Emblem of choice

Picking top answers:

  • The top 6 answers will be selected by the TibiaQA.com team and forwarded to the CMs and fansite admins
  • Several factors will impact the selection
    • The quality of the answer (as per How to provide good answers?)
    • How popular is the answered question based on the number of views and votes (popular questions are favored)
    • Whether the answered question had an answer or not (questions without answers are favored)
    • How complete and correct were the existing answers (questions that had incomplete/incorrect answers are favored)
  • The CMs and fansite admins will vote for their favorite answers from the top 6
  • The winning answers are announced based on the received votes from the CMs and fansite admins (estimate - 29. April) and the winners are announced on Meta TibiaQA

Feel free to post a comment under this topic in case of any questions regarding the contest!

Good luck!
The TibiaQA.com team.

Don't forget to link your answers to participate! Deadline: 21. April 2024 23:59 CEST

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@Fanjita - as long as all other contest rules are met, I don't see a problem. Depending on the question, conclusive answers are not always possible.
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hello! is there a way to filter ALL the questions by date?
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I personally go to questions, recent, then go to the last tab or page. Not sure there's an easier way but here's the link: https://www.tibiaqa.com/questions?start=7280
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will do, thank you!!

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(Was only perspective from a Knight and a Paladin, so i have provided another perspective for mages.)
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