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Hello everyone,

during January we have run the Fansite Item design contest, in order to create the fansite item that will represent TibiaQA.com in-game, as well as serve as a prize for future fansite events. The contest attracted many players and I wish I could reward like half of the entries... Nevertheless, the three entries had to be picked, and here they are:

The item that will make it into the game is... Omniscient Owl by Pochwalona!!!
The prizes are: The Omniscient Owl (once it's available in game) + medal of honour + 30 days of premium time

The second place scored the Bonelord Tome by Lupus Aurelius
and receivies: tome of choice + royal medal

And the third place goes to the Wise Cat by Didi
and gets: yellow rose + heavy medal

Pochwalona, please make sure to reply to our e-mail in order to sign the disclaimer. This is required to implement the item in the game. All the winners need to send an e-mail to tibiaqa.adm@gmail.com with a character name they wish to receive the prizes on and a choice of a prize (where it applies). Make sure to use the e-mail address account you used to register on TibiaQA.com

I'd also like to recognize a few other entries that were also amazing. Unfortunately, we can only reward the top 3, but the designs are so good, it would be a shame to not show them here:

  All knowing necklace by Hannzo

  Griffin Doll by Cheefs

  Clever Teddy by Didi

  The Ultimate Wisdom Guide by Pochwalona

and many more...

Thank you everyone for participating!
The TibiaQA.com team

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Sooo happy! Thanks for the opportunity :D and congrats to the other winners!!

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Congratulations to the winners. Hope one day I have same talent as u guys very nice work.
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Congratulations to the winners.

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amazing entries! Kudos to the winners!
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Congratz to Makadamia!. You did it girl!.

Also congratz to Didi and everyone who participated.
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Hello lupus! Let me ask u which program do u use to do your pixel art? I´m trying to improve my skills on it, do you recommend some tutorial ou course about it? Cya
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I use a combination of Paint and GIMP (wich is open source and totally free for use). Honestly, I've learned all I know by myself and the best advice I can give you is to practice  A LOT. That's the real trick. But also:

-Learn about perspective
-How to make shadows and lights
-How to use layers and frames
-Study other people's works (http://pixeljoint.com/).
-Think out of the box.

To have an idea of what I'm talking about, I share with you my first sketch of the Bonerlord Tome, made on 2011.


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Yaaaaaas! I'm so happy  \o/ :D Congratulations to you too! See, you came back after such a long time and without any problem made (imo) the best sprite. Classy! :D

This Bonelord Tome from 2011 looks oldschool! :D

My first sprite in my life (2014) was so bad:


I have found also this funny little demon, which looks quite awkwardly haha:


I agree, the key is to practice a lot. The more you do, the better results you achieve. The same is with drawings etc. I have to start learning how to work with GIMP, I guess it's much easier to make some stuff there, like shadows, lights and it has better tools to make things faster. Paint is enough to make static item, but if I have to make animation, it's hard :<
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Pochwalona I really can’t believe that your first sprite looks so cute *.* I wish my first attempt was something close to that xD (and gz to you and all the great artists ^^)
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Just keep going and have a lot of fun! Results will come if u really enjoy it! :)
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