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As per TibiaQA guidelines, answering own questions is perfectly fine. Why is that? What value does it bring?

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First of all, let me start with an extract from the TibiaQA guidelines.

Remember that TibiaQA is all about building a knowledge base. If you have managed to find an answer to your question, you are encouraged to post it here as well. That way, other users who encounter the same problem will be able to easily find an answer.

It's worth remembering that most of the posted questions and answers will be displayed by hundreds or thousands of users, not just the one, original poster. Most of the traffic to TibiaQA is from the search engines, like Google. Players who seek answers to their questions look for them in Google and reach our site as it contains the answers they need. This traffic is around 80% of the total traffic. Please see the attached extract of the user activity for this year (1 Jan 2019 - 11 Feb 2019):

There were 26,500 sessions this year, nearly 21,000 of them were from people that got here via Google (or another engine) search, and that's just over the course of 42 days! This averages to around 500 page views daily that are a result of a Google search for a Tibia-related question.

To highlight this even further, please look at the view counter on the trivial questions I asked about a year ago (and knew the answer to them, obviously)

Just with those three simple questions I've managed to get over 10,000 views in a year, so looking at the average user/session ratio, this has reached (and hopefully helped) around 7,000 players.

I'm happy to hear your thoughts on this.

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