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Today, we have slightly modified the rewards and penalties for received up-votes and down-votes.

  • Per up-vote on a question has been raised from +3 to +4
  • Per down-vote penalty on a question has been raised from -2 to -3
  • Per down-vote penalty on an answer has been raised from -3 to -4
All users' points have been recalculated to account for this change.
Please let us know in case of any questions!
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For some reason I'm unable to upvote/downvote.
The account is verified. Any idea why?

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You need get some points to have more options:


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GG! It's the second time I wake up with fewer points u.u
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It is sad, sometimes the community is not very kind to those who have concerns or do not think as they expect ... I am very sorry
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Don't you think it should be better remove the negaive points from downvote? Downvote should kind of warning, just to say "hello guy your question/answer do not bring anything usefull to the community", and if the same person get too many down votes o can check them, if the downvotes are coherent then admins can apply a penalty.

The way is now ppl just give downvote because want to punish other members, recently I've made a question about website with statistics (something that lot of players use) and I receive a downvote for that? There is no explanation for that.

In my opinion only admins should take points from members.
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Hope see it on future. I mean thats why a lot of pages dont have dislike botton or something like it.
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If I can be honest - I think questions like https://www.tibiaqa.com/4477/what-is-the-best-website-for-tibia-statistics should be discouraged for several reasons: they are highly opinion-based, the answers are pretty much just links (and plain links answers are discouraged per TibiaQA guide), and moreover, the links can become invalid at any point. Creating a collection of links to websites, guides, etc. is not what we wanted.

I still haven't decided what to do with this particular question, as our Help Center doesn't cover that yet, but I might start a discussion on meta at some point.
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I understand your point, but u must understand that not everyone searchs the same thing at TibiaQA, since  you activated the contrybution system was activated the number of questions increase alot, and I see alot question that seems ridiculous to me, but I don't downvote just because the subject of the question isn't of my interest, I just go ahead and that's it.
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How this up and down votes works in a closed question? It’s weird but I keep losing points without receiving down votes but one of my questions were closed...
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Votes on closed questions are counted exactly the same as on any open questions. The points are only removed if a question/answer is completely deleted (both negative points for downvotes and positive points for upvotes).
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Remember that you can avoid getting downvotes by hiding your question or answer, if this is your wish.
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